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08 Nov 2021

4 tips on products for men

08 Nov 2021
4 tips on products for men

We often get questions from men who have some thoughts about their skin care. Some are already familiar with different skin care routines, while others are beginners. Just in time for Father's Day, movember, Black Friday and Christmas gift shopping, we thought it might be great with some tips, so we decided to list 4 quick ones.

1. Always wash your face in the morning and before going to bed.

And with cleaning we mean not with ordinary soap or shower cream, it dries out the skin and can make it irritated and hypersensitive. If it can be difficult to remember to bring your face cleanser into the shower, put one there as well.

Micellar Cleansing Gel 280 kr

Micellar Cleansing Gel 125 ml - 195 kr

2. Do you think it seems too much to have several different creams?

Then it can be good to just have a cream that works 24/7, both as a day cream and also as a night cream. When you lubricate your skin care, you can take the opportunity to massage your face, it makes you start the blood circulation which makes the skin work positively and increases the elasticity in it.


Swiss Clinic Regenerating Cream

Regenerating Cream 100 ml - 420 kr

3. Do you want to give your skin something extra?

Add a serum that you use before applying your moisturizer. A serum will help boost your other skin care products, give your skin more radiance and nourish it. Serum is an easy way to advance your skin care in seconds just a little further.

Swiss Clinic Rejuvenating Serum X3

Rejuvenating Serum X3 50 ml - 420 kr

4. Our fourth tip is to add a hair serum

It may not be part of your skin care routine but may be a part of your daily routine. A hair serum stimulates your hair follicles and gives a healthier and more vibrant hair, who can say no to something like that?

Swiss Clinic Hair Renewal Serum 50 ml

Hair Renewal Serum 50 ml - 420 kr