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15 Jul 2021

7 products you should not, want or can be without this summer!

15 Jul 2021
7 products you should not, want or can be without this summer!

Now that summer is here and we are fully preparing to be able to relax with a little vacation, and we can only help you with a little reminder of how to review your skin care routine.

In the summer, the skin becomes less dry, you may use less makeup than on a gray winter day and you may want to pack a lighter skin care routine. We help you out with tips on 7 products that you can secure your summer routine with.


1. Good cleansing is the base of everything 

Micellar Cleansing Gel (125 ml)

Cleansing is always a no-brainer no matter what time of year it is. Your skin always needs to be clean and fresh to be able to start absorbing the products that you add to your skin care routine. We often recommend our Micellar Cleansing Gel and especially during the summer when we know that many of our customers are traveling and then come in contact with other water for cleansing and the skin can often react to this. With Micellar Cleansing Gel, all you need is a cotton pad, it is a cleanser that cleans 100% without you having to add any water - absolutely perfect! Do you use a waterproof mascara during the summer? Then it can be good to supplement your cleansing with a specific eye cleanser to easily remove the waterproof mascara.


2. Serum, face cream and sunscreen

Reviving Face Serum (30 ml) | Day Cream (50 ml)

It is easy to think that one excludes the other, but the skin actually needs everything. A serum that strengthens, revitalizes and moisturizes the skin deeply and a face cream that with its properties gives the skin all the moisture it needs and a sunscreen to add UV protection - the skin needs both moisture and protection even during the summer.

Our Reviving Face Serum is a perfect serum for you who want to work result-oriented and if you then add Day Cream which is an easily absorbing face cream with 8 different hyaluronic acids and vegetable oils that both moisturize deeply, give the skin radiance and even out fine lines and have a firming effect do you have a "perfect match". Let the day cream work for a few minutes before adding your SPF, if you are going to be in the sun during all day, you need to secure it with a sunscreen that you can take with you and reapply during the day.


3. Summer GLOW  

Regenerating Cream (100 ml) | Self-Tan Drops (15 ml)

We probably all recognize ourselves if we say that in the summer it is wonderful with a little extra glow, both on the legs that are often shown in summer clothes but also on the face so that we feel just right “sunkissed”.

A tip is to always peel the skin a few days before applying your self-tanning product, then you get rid of dead skin cells and get a smoother skin surface that the self-tanning can adhere to, which often leads to a better, smoother and simply nicer result.

Our "lifehack" to get the perfect summer legs is to first peel properly a few days before you will ad your tanning product and mix a few drops of our Self-Tan Drops together with our rebuilding and moisturizing Regenerating Cream, this way you get a magical glow, moisturized legs and the perfect sun-kissed feeling.

A bonus tips!

If you moisturize the summer skin a little now and then with a Sheet Mask, then you will build up luster and help your sunkissed skin get the hydration it really needs.

Purifying Pink Clay Sheet Mask | Detoxifying Grey Clay Sheet Mask

Happy Summer!