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05 Jan 2015

All about how to get whiter whites of the eyes

05 Jan 2015
All about how to get whiter whites of the eyes

White eye whites give a healthy and fresh and youthful impression. If you suffer from red eyes, they can cause both cosmetic and functional problems. If you have red eyes, you often look tired and may get comments about this, which is not so fun. Many times the eye also rubs, which leads to irritation and tiredness in the eyes.


Different types of eye drops

There are a variety of preparations on the market that are said to counteract red eyes and whiten whites of the eyes, but only a few keep their promise. You must also be careful that the eye drops do not contain dangerous substances that can damage the eye. For example, do not choose products with the illegal substance nafazoline hydrochloride. Choose approved and proven eye drops that really work as a treatment for red eyes.

Caring for the eyes with various preparations is not new but has been around for several hundred years. An old Italian custom was to drip juice from the plant belladonna into the eyes. The juice made the eye muscle relax, which meant that the pupil did not contract. Those who used belladonna therefore got large and dark pupils, which was considered beautiful.

Dry eyes

Many people also suffer from dry eyes, which makes the eyes feel tired and irritated. The simplest way to counteract dry eyes is to use soothing and moisturizing eye drops, which are a good treatment for dry eyes. Then choose eye drops that relieve both red and dry eyes to avoid having two different types of eye drops.

We recommend our Hydrating Eye Drops

Hydrating Eye Drops - professional eye drops formulated to remove redness and moisturize, making eyes bright, fresh and clear. You will get the result in just a few minutes.

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