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22 Sep 2021

Autumn + New skin care routine = True

22 Sep 2021

So, it's time to say goodbye to the summer and hello to the fall. And with that said, it's also time to change the skin care routine to a more autumn-adapted variant.

We help you to choose the right products and explain why you should have them. It is not uncommon for the skin to become unbalanced when there are transitions between seasons. It is temperature and weather that changes, and it can be warm one day and almost icy cold the next day. The air also changes to become drier and even cooler.

So, what is important to add to the skin now that it is autumn? What skin care products should you make sure to fill your bathroom with? We will help you and give you some tips on the best skin care this fall.

1. Cleansing

Having a properly cleansed skin is something that will benefit all your subsequent products or treatments. Be sure to have a cleanser that has moisturizing properties as the skin is extra exposed during the autumn. Ordinary water tends to dry out the skin and a Micellar wash is something that is recommended, it is both caring and effective to get a cleansed skin.

Micellar Cleansing Gel

Swiss Clinic Micellar Cleansing Gel - 195 kr

2. Peeling or Skin Roller

To get rid of skin cells that the skin no longer has any use for (that is, the dead skin cells), it is good to use an exfoliating product. You can advantageously add this to your skin care routine 1-2 times a week. If you want to let the skin work a little extra and be able to absorb your subsequent products as serum up to 3 times better, we recommend that you try Microneedling and Skin Roller. By working skin rejuvenating and regenerating, a Skin Roller will give you amazing results.

Swiss Clinic Skin Roller - 420 kr

3. Serum

During the autumn, it's time to pick out a serum that gives you moisturizing and lustrousness, your skin will thank you for that. You will need to add moisture to your skin care routine during the fall and by using serum you will give the skin the moisture that is in demand during the fall. If you are extra dry, you can also add a facial oil after applying your serum, thus helping to give the skin additional amounts of hydration.

Swiss Clinic Rejuvenating Serum X3

Swiss Clinic Rejuvenating Serum X3 - 420 kr

4. Day-, Night- and Eye Cream

So, it is time to take the final steps in your skincare routine. Face creams that are slightly thicker in consistency are advantageously used at nights and are then often called Night Cream. The Day Cream that you use should give you a lot of hydration and nourishment for your skin. As a final step, it is important to use an eye cream. An Eye Cream is specially formulated to suit the area around the eyes where the skin is thinner and often more sensitive. And keep in mind that even if it is autumn, it is important to add SPF as the last step in your skin care routine, it protects against radiation even during autumn and winter.

Swiss Clinic Regenerating Cream - 420 kr | Swiss Clinic Eye Cream - 350 kr

5. Anything extra?

Of course, you want to treat yourself to something extra from time to time. This is how you should also think when it comes to your skin, no matter what time of year it is, it may also need something extra to freshen up. Adding a moisturizing sheet mask can give any skin a little extra glow that we can often feel that we lack during the more and more gray months of autumn and that suddenly turn into winter.

The Sheet Mask Duo - 149 kr
Includes 1 x Detoxifying Grey Clay Sheet Mask & 1 x Purifying Pink Clay Sheet Mask