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29 Mar 2022

Caroline Winberg becomes partner and Creative Director at Swiss Clinic

29 Mar 2022
Caroline Winberg becomes partner and Creative Director at Swiss Clinic

Not only is it bubbling at Swiss Clinic right now, we can say that it is boiling - a lot is happening and will happen! The latest we can reveal is that supermodel Caroline Winberg will be a partner and Creative Director at Swiss Clinic.

Caroline Winberg was discovered by a model scout as a 15-year-old and has since worked internationally as a model and, among other things, made major covers for Vogue magazine and advertising campaigns for Versace, Armani, Chloé, Valentino and Dolce & Gabbana. Caroline also appeared on Victoria's Secret Fashion Show seven years in a row.

Modeling is still something that Caroline will have as her profession, but she has another great passion in life - beauty! We met Caroline in 2021 and then began to introduce her to our products at the Swiss Clinic and there a seed was planted, which we today are ready to proudly present. Caroline becomes co-owner and Creative Director at Swiss Clinic.

Caroline Winberg will be a Partner and Creative Director at Swiss Clinic.

How did you make the decision to invest more in beauty?

I have always been incredibly interested in skincare and beauty. During all my years as a model, I have learned a lot about skincare and how important it is to use good products. I am so lucky that I got the chance to work with the best makeup artists in the world and to have had the best beauty treatments in New York, London and Stockholm.

What will your assignment be at Swiss Clinic?

I will have an exciting role as Creative Director at Swiss Clinic, where I am also one of the partners in the company. With my great product interest and the knowledge I have, I will also be involved in developing products together with Swiss Clinic. I think it is incredibly exciting - just stay tuned!

Do you have any Quick-fix tips when you just have to look fresh relatively quickly?

If I fly a lot and need to look fresh quickly, I usually take a long walk outdoors and sit in an infrared sauna to sweat out all the extra liquid you put on during a flight.

If there is no time for this, I make a quick Sheet Mask, while listening to a good book.

What are your favorite products from Swiss Clinic?

A Sheet Mask is never wrong to add to your skincare routine. I am looking forward to a launch that we have now in the spring, where I have a whole bunch of favorites - keep an eye out!