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20 Apr 2022

Products on the go

20 Apr 2022
Products on the go

When you travel, you want to take everything with you, but still as little as possible. We share 3 products that are our must-haves in the toiletry bag. With these 3 product recommendations, you keep your skin clean, moisturised and protected throughout the journey.

Micellar Cleansing Gel

An all-in-one cleansing. Swiss Clinic Micellar Cleansing Gel has a unique formula that effectively dissolves impurities and makeup. Micellar Gel is a mild micellar gel enriched with caring aloe vera, witch hazel, chamomile and cornflower to suit even the most sensitive skin.

The formula contains micelles which, like magnets, attract makeup and impurities from the skin surface without the need for water. The skin is cleansed smoothly and gently in a single step and feels clear, fresh and moisturised after use. Perfect to take with you when you are travelling, e.g. where you do not have access to water. Remember to pack some pads too!

Hyaluronic Filler+

When changing the environment, it is often moisture that you need to add to the skin. A kind moisture booster is our Hyaluronic Filler+. You apply it directly to the skin as a booster / serum, or you choose to add a few drops in your The Base+ cream for a moisturising day and / or night cream.

The Base+

A face cream that works for all skin types and all year round. The Base+ has a softening, protective and caring effect. Perfect to always have with you in the toilet.

Tip! We also want to remind you to always use SPF - all year round.