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04 May 2022

The Concept The Base+

04 May 2022
The Concept The Base+

It's really quite simple, shopping for professional skincare should be simple, fun and affordable.

Finding the right products for your particular skin is not always easy. To make it even more complicated, your skin has differ needs from season to season. And also different needs during the hours of the day, so you should adapt your skin care several times a year and during the day.

We decided to find a simple solution. So you can become your own skin expert, create your own product series, your own skincare routine and mix it in the way your skin appreciates and needs. Let us help you make skincare easy, fun and affordable.

The Base+ is a series of 7 skin care products

A base cream "The Base+" which is our base, a cream that in its entirety is protective, moisturising and stimulates cell growth. You use it as a moisturiser just as it is, or you can add drops of your selected boosters to your The Base+ to build up your skincare routine, just the way you want to tailor it and adapt it to what your skin needs right now.

Our 6 different boosters are all selected to work result-oriented. You mix your booster in your The Base+ to tailor your day and / or night cream. Or use the booster as an ad-on for your existing skin care, or why not use it as just a Booster? The possibilities are endless.

And if you are unsure which product or products from the series are suitable for you and your skin, you can quickly and easily do our skin test where you both answer a few questions about your skin but also finish with a scan. This way, you can get the experience of being in a skin care clinic, but as digital as it can get.


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