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21 Apr 2022

This is how The Base+ works

21 Apr 2022
This is how The Base+ works

Our goal with our new skincare series was to develop a series of products where everyone should be able to find something that suits their skin. A series that works for all skin types, depending on how you mix and add. A product series for all occasions and all climates. It may sound impossible, but we think we have cracked the hard nut…

What if there was a base cream that you could customise to your skin and your needs by using concentrated boosters? That's exactly what we thought and that's exactly how The Base+ works. You can use our boosters just as it is, as a booster / serum, but you can also choose to mix a few drops of your chosen booster in your The Base+ cream to tailor your own day and / or night cream. An easy way for you to adapt your skincare to your needs and occasions.

Swiss Clinic The Base+ Cream

The Base+ Cream

The Base+ is our base, an easily absorbed face cream that is used as a moisturiser in its entirety or you mix in a few drops of your selected boosters to build up your own skincare routine. The Base+ is a moisturiser that stimulates cell growth, softens and has a protective effect on your skin. It suits all skin types to be as adaptable as possible.

Swiss Clinic The Base+ Booster

The Base+ Boosters

We landed in these 6 boosters that are part of the series The Base+:

Hyaluronic Filler+, our moisture booster that contains several different types of hyaluronic acids.
Oh Mega Oil 8+, a caring and emollient oil.
Bye Bye Puffiness+, our concentrated eye booster.
Super Glue+, this is our anti-ageing booster with a lot of moisture!
C Loves E+, our glow booster that works long-term and also gives immediate glow.
Grade Up Retinol 0.3%+, our most potent booster filled with PURE retinol!

How to mix cream and boosters?

Under each booster's product page, you can see how we recommend mixing your boosters. It is different per product, but always listen to your skin. We want you to become your own skin expert, you will know what your skin needs and when it needs it.

How do you know which booster is right for you?

Use our The Base+ Guide to read more about the products, see "how to"-videos, recommended products for your skin type and before and after pictures. 

Read more about how to mix, in our The Base+ Guide.