Have tests been performed on your microneedle treatment?

We have done a test and compiled all the statistics and feedback from our 46 participants.
Read the summary and create your own opinion about our Microneedle Home Treatment.

Would you recommend the treatment to a friend or colleague?
Yes: 88%; No: 12%

Were you worried that the needles would hurt before you started the treatment?
Yes: 63%; No: 37%

How would you describe the feeling when you rolled for the first time and how did it develop over time? (The majority of free text response was)
“A little sticky and hard to know how to do it. Over time, you felt how the skin reacted and you could roll more / a little more pressure.”

How would you describe the sensation after applying the serum? (The majority of free text response was)
“Quickly entered the skin. Nice and refreshing sensation.”

After how long did you feel the skin changed for the better?
Not at all: 11%
Within a few days: 19%
2-4 weeks: 27%
4-6 weeks: 27%
6-8 weeks: 16%
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