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01 Sep 2019

I never thought the results would live up to my high expectations ? but they really did!

01 Sep 2019
I never thought the results would live up to my high expectations ? but they really did!

Marika Axén is 38 years old and runs the popular Swedish blog "Inredningsfrun" where she writes about interior design and lifestyle tips. In addition to the blog, Marika also works as a teacher and has three kids, so her life is rather hectic. With so much going on, she does not always prioritize herself and her own well-being. After many years of not taking care of my skin, it was beginning to look saggy and dull.? Marika says, then continues: Skin Revival is a lifesaver for anyone who does not have the time or money to go to expensive clinics, but who still wants to take care of their skin.

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The “mistake” many of us make is that we do not take care of our skin enough, particularly during stressful periods, when, of course, we need it the most. Marika admits that she is one of these people: “After many years of not taking proper care of my skin and not using SPF, my skin had dull, bloated and was sagging. Also, the fine lines around my eyes and on my forehead had become more visible after I turned 35 and the birth of my third child.”

Marika decided that she wanted to do something about it: ”I wanted to do something ¬– improve the elasticity and texture of my skin and get a more glowing skin tone going…”. Having previously used and loved microneedling, she knew what a targeted microneedling treatment could achieve; ”I never thought the results would live up to my high expectations – but they really did!” says Marika.

Marika used Face in five day cycles; performed the treatments for 5 consequetive days, then let the skin rest for as many days, for a total of 3 weeks. The treatment became her own “Me time” after the kids went to bed in the evenings. “Being able to take care of my skin and myself, even for just a few minutes a day is a true luxury – something I really needed!”

Face - Microneedling Home Treatment is combined with a serum that contains hyaluronic acid. This combination is one of the most popular treatments in clinics today. Skin Revival is specifically developed to be easy and safe to use at home, when it suits you. Simple, effective and affordable.

”I love the immediate sensation of the blood circulation intensifying when I start the treatment – you can actually feel the Skin Roller doing its job and making a difference. And the feeling afterwards, when I apply the serum to my face, it’s something I can long for all day.” says Marika.

On a final note Marika says. “Anyone with tired and/or blemished skin that is showing signs of ageing, needs to try this! I would recommend it to anyone who wants cleaner, fresher, more glowing skin to give themselves a Face treatment kit. Aside from the amazing results, the idea of creating the feeling of a spa-treatment, where one feels most comfortable and spends most time – at home, is magical!”

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