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17 Dec 2018

3 tips for New Year’s that you want to remember

17 Dec 2018
3 tips for New Year’s that you want to remember

The new year is just around the corner! New year, new possibilities, new resolutions to be broken.

Let us say farewell to 2018 with maximum glow.

Get ready in time

The most dreadful thing is when you realise you don’t have time do do everything you were planning to. Start getting ready in time this year! Start preparing your skin a week in advance, to ensure your skin is hydrated and glowing on New Year’s Eve!

Sunkissed skin is never out of style

Defy the season and pose for your New Year’s Eve snaps with a sun-kissed glow. Our Hydrating Self-Tan Pads give you a fresh look, whilst simultaneously hydrating and calming the skin. Start applying the pads well in advance, preferably a few days before the holiday. (Pro-tip: Clean your skin with Micellar Cleansing Gel before applying the pads).

Glow away

Its New Year’s Eve – treat yourself! Why not apply a face mask that focuses on giving you a fabulous glow for the whole night? Our Detox & Glam Treatment is exactly what you need for a magical glow. To cite Sanne: “In only 15 minutes my skin is glowing and ready for the red carpet!”. And the best part? The treatment includes the Detoxifying Sheet Mask, which is perfect for saving your skin January 1st.

We wish you a fun and happy celebration!

Happy New Year

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