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03 Jan 2019

4 Tips that will make your skin care routine more environmentally friendly

03 Jan 2019
4 Tips that will make your skin care routine more environmentally friendly

It’s safe to say, that there is a consensus regarding the current environmental threats and that something needs to be done. One person can’t do it all, but we can all do our part… Small changes in our everyday life can actually make a big difference, so what have you got to lose?

It’s 2019, a new year and a new beginning. Let us do our best, together.

We listed a few small things to focus on in the new year:

1. Invest in good skin care

Instead of spending a fortune on makeup and temporary solutions, we suggest you try something more sustainable for your everyday-look. Invest in good skin care rather than over consuming cosmetics and makeup for coverage that won’t outlast the champagne on New Year’s.

2. Use up all your products

Wasting too much food is not the only crime we commit to. When using serums and creams, make sure to use every last drop. Squeeze out the tubes as much as possible and reuse what is reusable. As an example, our Face Dry Masks are reusable for up to three times. Just make sure you fold the mask after use and seal the package.  

3. Save the cotton pads

Avoiding using too much cotton in your skin care routine is beneficial from both an economical perspective as well as an environmental one. Split a cotton pad in half if you only need a small piece. Make sure it is fully and properly used before throwing it away, to reduce the amount of pads you need. Never dispose of cotton pads in the toilet, they belong in the bin.

4. Environment sort your skin roller

It's important that you replace your Skin Roller every once in a while. A usage period of approximately 3 months is recommended. But what to do with the roller after you are done with it? Throw it in the bin? No! Bring you Skin Roller to the closest recycling station. Please make sure to wrap it in something to ensure no one will get hurt from the needles.

At Swiss Clinic we produce the majority of our products within Europe, which means shorter transportation routes and fewer middlemen than many of our competitors. We are careful with avoiding unnecessary transportation and pay for our products to be recycled.