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10 Jan 2019

Insider tips from Pascal - whiter teeth, quickly and easily

10 Jan 2019
Insider tips from Pascal - whiter teeth, quickly and easily

Meet Pascal – our beloved colleague that has worked with us since the start. Currently the Logistics Manager at Swiss Clinic, Pascal’s background includes professional ice hockey and working behind the bar at some of Stockholm’s most high-end night clubs. His interest in health and beauty has always been there, but it has grown stronger during his years at Swiss Clinic. As part of his job, he has the opportunity to try all the Swiss Clinic treatments in his home in Stockholm. The latest addition to the list is Whitening System, our popular teeth whitening with an updated formula.

“My girlfriend and I regularly use a number of the Swiss Clinic home treatments. My daily routine consists of the Face Serum, as well as the Day and Night Creams. I complement this with a sheet mask a few times a month and the Skin Revival treatment a few times a year. But the treatment I’ve enjoyed the most is the teeth whitening, because you can see results so quickly and clearly” says Pascal.

And the results were clearly visible after only one week.

Teeth whitening at home or at the dentist?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions at Swiss Clinic. Whilst it is naturally a question of preference, it is also a question of cost. The opinions vary depending on the dentist or which home treatment was used – the method is basically the same.

“I have actually bought teeth whitening from a dentist before, this was before my time at Swiss Clinic. Turns out that the dentist only shaped a mouth guard to fit my teeth and I had to do the whitening at home with a gel. The treatment was painful, my teeth were hurting constantly. When the treatment period was over, the results were good but there was no difference to Whitening System – except for the price. I think I paid around £200 for the professional teeth whitening. So even though my opinion might be biased because I work for Swiss Clinic, I can with good consciousness say that I prefer our home treatment. My teeth have never hurt, the results are the same and the price is a lot lower” Pascal continues.

Whitening System is a teeth whitening for home use, which is specially formulated in collaboration with dentist. The treatment is easy to use and gentle to gums and enamel.

Read more about Whitening System here.


Finally! Home Teeth Whitening you can trust.