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20 Dec 2017

Meet Danny Defreitas, beauty influencer extraordinaire!

20 Dec 2017
Meet Danny Defreitas, beauty influencer extraordinaire!

Having worked with celebrities ranging from Rita Ora to Salma Hayek, clients including Manolo Blahnik and the Brit Awards, Danny Defreitas understands anything worth knowing when it comes to hair and make-up. Luckily, Danny has decided to share his knowledge on a number of platforms. With nearly 100 thousand Instagram followers, and a recently launched Youtube channel, Danny’s tips and ideas are readily accessible. We follow him religiously, and feel like we know him quite well, but had a few specific questions. Below are some of Danny’s replies – enjoy getting to know him a little bit better!

How did you get started as a beauty influencer?

As someone who has been working in the beauty industry for over 12 years and having so many amazing products to use, I thought, why not review and start featuring these on my feed... I turned to Instagram as it’s more visual and here I am!  I feel truly blessed to have grown a following on a subject I am so passionate about. To offer my followers even more, I’m growing my YouTube channel: doing what I love; sharing tips and tricks for all! 

Why did you want to become a beauty influencer?

I didn’t! It just sort of happened… I definitely wasn’t seeking out to become a beauty Influencer. Having been a hair stylist and make-up artist for most of my career, Instagram started as a hobby which has now become a part of what I do. 

What is your favourite part of the job?

I love being creative building content for an array of amazing brands. I also get excited about trying out new innovative products in the industry. It’s always fun and forever changing so it never gets boring.

Where did your obsession for beauty and skincare come from?

It started when was a teenager, I had really problematic skin. I was insecure about this and felt make-up could help with this problem. I still have occasional skin concerns; its always trial and error until we find what is right for us.

When I later became an expert in the industry, I got my job satisfaction from making others feel amazing about themselves and how they look. It still fascinates me how make-up can transform your confidence. 

What are your favourite Swiss Clinic treatments and why?

It’s definitely the Derma Roller. It has completely changed the texture of my skin. I see a difference both short and long term. Simply incredible and noticeable results.

My major skin concerns are pores and texture, and this tool has really helped to start to solve these problems for me. 

A close second would be the Micellar Cleansing Gel, purely because it leaves your skin feeling so refreshed. It’s bliss!

What are your top three tips for looking fabulous throughout the festive season?

Tip number one, Have fun! This is the time to get that glittery eye liner out and mix it up a little. Get fun, creative and festive! 

Secondly, I would say, look after your hair. Indoor heating and cold wind are not great for hair, leaving it rather frizzy and not looking so luscious. I would recommend using a hair mask or a super nourishing conditioner once to twice a week. 

Lastly, LIP BALM! My lips get so dry in this weather so always keep a mini lip balm in your bag or pocket. If you’re a guy who doesn’t like shine, then there’s also matte lip balms out there for you! ;)

For daily information & inspiration, tutorials & tips, and FUN, follow Danny on Instagram @dannydefreitas

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