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05 Sep 2018

Meet Madeleine, our customer that got rid of her rash with microneedling

05 Sep 2018
Meet Madeleine, our customer that got rid of her rash with microneedling

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Madeleine is a 23-year-old beauty interested student from Östersund, Sweden, and a loyal Swiss Clinic customer. She started getting rashes on her cheeks in 2012 and they kept getting worse over time. She eventually received a referral to go see a doctor, but never really saw any improvement. One day she discovered Swiss Clinic on YouTube and was intrigued by microneedling and eventually ended up ordering a treatment kit. One month later she could already see results! Her rashes and the redness had almost completely disappeared, and her skin felt fresher and more hydrated than before. “I did not have any expectations before starting the treatment, especially since nothing I had tried in the past 6 years had worked”, Madeleine explains. “The results exceeded my expectations by far, and I will continue treating my skin regularly”, she continues.

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We at Swiss Clinic place great importance on research and development. Our treatments are carefully tested in a variety of different ways (but never on animals!). In addition to our clinical tests, we also reach out to our customers to see how they experience our treatments. After all, it is the users' experience that is most important in the long run.

Madeleine is a 23-year-old sociology student from Östersund, Sweden. She is a real "beauty junkie" and nearly obsessed with makeup and skincare. She is always looking to learn more about beauty and is happy to try new beauty trends. She came in contact with Swiss Clinic on YouTube, where she saw a video tutorial on microneedling.

Ever since 2012, Madeleine has had a lot of problems with rashes on her cheeks and they have only gotten worse over the years. She has tried a lot of different products and treatments, eventually receiving a referral to go see a doctor. None of these have yielded any notable results, however.

"The doctors could not tell me the reason behind the rash, but they suspected it was due to my extremely dry skin. They told me to moisturise my skin multiple times a day, to see if it would improve. I didn’t notice any difference after the moisturising regimen, so I decided to give microneedling a try. I ordered the Face treatment from Swiss Clinic, figuring it wouldn’t hurt to give it a try.”

To date, Madeleine has been microneedling for about a month and the results have exceeded her expectations. She performs the treatment once a day, in the evening. “I roll for 5 days, let my skin rest for another 5 days, and then start up the treatment again” Madeleine tells us. She plans on continuing with the treatment every other week, until her skin has completely recovered.

“The treatment is very simple, and it has actually become a relaxing evening routine for me. I find it very soothing to use the skin roller and am genuinely astonished by the positive results in my skin! The rashes and the redness on my cheeks have almost completely disappeared.”

The primary positive effect Madeleine has experienced is how hydrated her skin feels. She believes this is due to the serum’s hydrating qualities, as well as its improved absorption after microneedling.

“My cheeks used to be dry like a desert and nothing helped. The skin wouldn’t absorb anything. Now, it feels like the skin keeps thirsting for more!”

Madeleine strongly encourages others to try microneedling. She believes this will help people who are in need of skin care treatments, but cannot afford to do it at a clinic.

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“I love having a small moment every evening, when I can just focus on taking care of my skin. I don’t think you need to go to a spa, to get a pampering moment just for yourself.

You can take the free Swiss Clinic skin test and get customised recommendations here

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