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02 Sep 2019

Meet Maria, and find out how she eradicated her acne scars

02 Sep 2019
Meet Maria, and find out how she eradicated her acne scars

Maria is 31 years old and has a three-and- a-half- year-old son. Whilst expecting him, she developed acne, and as a consequence, was left with scarring on her jaw.

On top of that, after Adrian was born, her skin felt dull and stressed, the lack of sleep combined with the pressure of looking after a newborn took its toll. Maria discovered Face - Microneedling Home Treatment by Swiss Clinic and after a few months of use saw her skin revitalised and her acne scars fade away. She describes the treatment as “A skin care treatment that reactivates your skin!”

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At Swiss Clinic, we work continuously with research and development. Our products and treatments are tested vigilantly in laboratories in a variety of ways (but never on animals!). In addition to these clinical tests and trials, we actively seek feedback from our clients on their experiences and results. After all, it’s the end-users results that can truly prove the efficacy of a treatment.  

Maria is 31 years old and works as a recruitment specialist at a law firm in Stockholm, Sweden. She lives with her husband Jonas, and three-and-a-half-year-old son Adrian. She has been using Swiss Clinic products and treatments for about 2 years now. We got in touch with her to see how she was getting on with her treatment.

”The Face Treatment was my saving grace! It tackled the ‘tired-mum’ skin I was suffering due to stress and lack of sleep” she says. She continues “On top of that, during pregnancy I developed acne, and the subsequent scars on my jaw were almost purple.” She goes on to tell us that she is also using The Skin Care Range with PENTA technology; “I find that the Skin Care Range keeps my skin ‘going’ between my microneedling treatments, and the serum (which I previously thought was an unnecessary product to be using) gives my skin glow! The series really suits me – normal skin that becomes sensitive when I am stressed (most of the time – haha) and during the winter months.”

Maria then continues to talk about FACE: “When I started using the treatment, I could see immediate results – glowing, plumper skin. And after 2 months of continuous use (5 days on, 5 days rest), my ‘angry’ acne scars started to vanish!”

“These days I use the treatment 1-2 times a week. To maintain the results of course, but also to endulge. For me it’s a good alternative to a scrub and/or face mask. I like the feeling and it gives my skin a good boost. And I use the Skin Care Range morning and evening.”

She goes on to say “I often talk to friends, who are in similar situations to what I was in – with dull, tired skin after having children, sleepless nights, stress and environmental impact – about the treatment. I tell them that despite the microneedles, believe it or not, it really doesn’t hurt! I try to explain the sensation – that you almost feel the skin being activated, how circulation improves, and that you can feel it working. It’s much more tangible than a face mask. And those who saw and remember my acne scars, have already bought their own Face - Microneedling Home Treatment.”

Finally, we ask Maria to summarise the treatment in one sentence:

“A skin care treatment that reactivates your skin!”

The skin treatment is easy to perform on your own, at home and the results are a fact.

Face - Microneedling Home Treatment received the innovation price at the Swedish Beauty Awards 2015. Order your treatment here!

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