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11 Sep 2020

Microneedling 101: How, Why, When?

11 Sep 2020
Microneedling 101: How, Why, When?

How does it work?

The science behind microneedling is grounded in the skin’s natural healing process, which is triggered whenever the skin encounters a physical trauma, such as a cut or an open wound.

Microneedling allows the stimulation of this natural process in a controlled manner, by creating thousands of micro-injuries in the skin. As a result, the collages production is enhanced, which results in plumper, firmer and smoother, younger looking skin.

Why try it?

Dermatologists have used microneedling for decades to treat facial scars and to help customers with uneven skin, pigmentation and wrinkles. It is an ideal product for treating the skin effectively, on a deeper level and to get an overall healthy complexion.

The Swiss Clinic Skin Roller is a remarkable tool that is simple, safe and effective. In order to maximise the treatment, we have developed serums and masks with active ingredients, that complement microneedling and enhance the effect. This process enables the active ingredients in our serums and masks to be absorbed in a way that simply is not possible on untreated skin. In fact, the absorption is increased by 300%!


We recommend a treatment period of five days, with an equal amount of rest, in order for the skin to have a chance to heal and fully recover. You can continue with this cycle, when your skin has recovered, and go on until you have reached the desired results.

Don’t rush the treatment, and start by applying light pressure, so that your skin will have a chance to get used to the microneedles. Adjust the pressure after a few rounds of treatment, to find the suitable pressure and cycle that suits your skin.

Your skin might be slightly red after the treatment, which is why we recommend that you perform the treatment in the evening, approximately an hour before you go to bed. This allows the skin to recover and the microchannels to close during the night. 

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