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20 Aug 2018

Renew your beauty routines this autumn

20 Aug 2018
Renew your beauty routines this autumn

When we leave the summer and the heat behind us and prepare for the autumn, our skin is in need of some extra care. In other words, it is time to take a look at our skin care routines. Many people experience imbalances in their skin as the seasons change. This can present itself in many ways, including abnormally dry or oily skin, as well as impurities and blemishes.

Cleansing is key

Many of us neglect skin cleansing, because we do not understand the importance of deeply cleansing our skin. Just think about everything our skin is put through during the day. We apply all sorts of products on our skin; sunscreen, make-up and primer, not to mention all dirt particles, exhaust fumes, sweat and bacteria that our skin is exposed to on a daily basis. These pile up and create an unwanted layer on the skin. Without thorough daily cleansing, you risk clogged pores and impurities. Your skin care products and their active ingredients may also struggle penetrating your skin, if the skin is not thoroughly cleansed.

The skin is also an important part of your immune system, because the outer layer of the skin includes what is called an acid mantle. The acid mantle consists of lipids and oils, and is naturally acidic in its pH-value, and functions as a barrier for bacteria that does not survive in the acidic environment.

Why can’t you just wash with soap and water?

If you mistreat you skin and use a regular soap with a high pH-value, you mess up the natural pH-value of the skin. This might cause the skin to dry, which disturbs the skin’s defence and may cause skin sensitivity in the long term.

A good cleanser does not dry or make the skin feel tight. A good tip is to avoid water in your cleansing routine, and instead use micellar cleansing products, which rehydrate the skin.
Micellar Cleansing Gel

Combine your daily cleansing routine with a cleansing face mask a few times a week, to give your skin an extra boost. A clay mask is preferable, as it has a deep cleansing effect on your pores, and gives your skin a beautiful glow.
Purifying Pink Clay Mask

It is especially important to cleanse your skin in the evening, to remove the dirt, make-up and sweat that builds up during the day. A thoroughly cleansed skin is also more receptive of active ingredients in your nightly skin care products.

The conclusion is that thorough, daily cleansing makes up the base of fresh and healthy skin, with a beautiful glow and less superficial wrinkles that are caused by dry skin. The skin’s pH-level is also in balance, which allows a healthy acid mantle. Skin care products also have a better effect, when the skin is more receptive.

A colder climate requires more hydration and skin renewal!

When the air becomes drier, the moisture in our skin is vaporised through our pores, which causes the skin to become dry on the surface. This may cause both flaky skin, as well as impurities and acne, as the skin is on overdrive trying to rehydrate itself.

Microneedling treatments are a great addition to your skin care routine during the winter months, as this type of treatment stimulates and renews the skin – both from the outside as well as inside.

How does it work?

The microneedles simulate an injury in our skin, which starts the skin’s natural healing process and the regeneration of new, fresh skin cells. The skin becomes softer and more elastic, pores become reduced and the blood circulation improves. The skin tone also becomes more even, and the skin is better equipped to face the cold winter months. Microneedling is also a highly effective treatment for anti-ageing, as it regenerates the vitality and energy in the skin.
Skin Reactive

The small micro-channels, created by the microneedles, open up your skin for the products you apply afterwards. If you combine this with a hydrating face mask (länk till Skin Reactive), the amount of active ingredients absorbed by your skin is increased by 300%. The active ingredients can work on the deep, rehydrating and strengthening your skin’s healing process, allowing for new skin cells to grow.

A good tip for entering a new season, is to kick-start it with a detox. This will help you get started with new healthy routines after the summer holiday season. A detox also goes a long way in cleansing your body, which in turn leads to clearer skin.

All for good and healthy skin, with a beautiful glow that shines even in the dark autumn nights.

Renew your beauty routines