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02 Nov 2017

Skin Renewal – the award-winning super star.

02 Nov 2017
Skin Renewal – the award-winning super star.

They say you shouldn’t have favorites, and we don’t really, but can’t help being a little bit extra proud of our little super star; The Skin Renewal treatment.

Whilst microneedling, as a clinical procedure, has been around for quite some time now, it’s only the last couple of years it has been causing such a stir as an at-home treatment. By taking the basic concept of clinical microneedling, and reworking it to create a method that allows you to perform it on yourself, more and more people are adding this treatment to their everyday beauty regimes.

The industry is watching

It’s not just the users that are impressed. The beauty industry in general is getting more and more obsessed with this revolutionary way jumpstart the collagen and elastin production in the skin. magazineers, vloggers, journalists, doctors and beauticians are telling anyone who will listen that this is THE treatment to boost your skin.

Truly innovative

Based on this, it shouldn’t really have come as that much of a surprise when a few years back, letters started arriving, informing us that The Skin Renewal treatment had been nominated for prestigious awards. But we were surprised. Elated and thrilled, but surprised, because this was in competition with some of the most established and well-known brands in the industry.

So, as we said, we were thrilled and elated to be nominated for awards such as ‘Beauty Accessory of the Year’ at The Danish Beauty Awards, and ‘Skin care of the Year’ and the Norwegian Cosmetic Award, but when our little star, sorry, The Skin Renewal treatment, went and won ‘Innovation of the Year’, at the Swedish Beauty & Cosmetics Awards, we thought our hearts might burst of pride and joy. So, whilst we don’t dofavourites – there are many, many wonderful treatments in our extensive range, there is a special place in our hearts for The Skin Renewal treatment – the one that is, and will make you look like a super star!

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