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02 Nov 2017

Swiss Clinic has had a make-over

02 Nov 2017
Swiss Clinic has had a make-over

When Swiss Clinic launched, we had a vision to create the most innovative and effective at-home beauty treatments. Nothing has changed on that front, but we have evolved. We have strengthened our presence online and Swiss Clinic treatments are now available on multiple markets (and new ones are continuously being added). We have developed our website to make it as easy and pleasant as possible to use. And we have, through extensive research and development, launched a number of cutting edge, at-home beauty treatments that we are very proud of. So proud in fact, that we want to shout it out to the world.

Presenting our new look.

With all the developments going on, we decided we deserved a new look. Like you might update your wardrobe as the seasons  change, we want to demonstrate that we are still the same in terms of values and beliefs, but are dedicated to keeping up with the latest trends, developments  and technology. The central pillar of the new identity is a logotype – comprising an iconic symbol representing uniformity and completion. We have chosen a classic combination of silver and white, complemented by a deep red, as our colour  palette. We think that the elements work together to represent a balance of clinical innovation and modern beauty – which is what we want to offer you.   

Everything is different, yet nothing has changed.

Over the coming months, you might see a combination of designs whilst we phase out our old packaging and replace it with new versions. Regardless of what your boxes, bags or containers look like, the contents are the same; the at-home beauty treatments Swiss Clinic have developed to make a difference to your appearance and your beauty regime. We have just had a make-over, and feel glamorous and sparkling – just like you! 

Make a difference.