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03 Sep 2018

Swiss Clinic's skin therapist Emely Ramos shares her best tips this autumn

03 Sep 2018
Swiss Clinic's skin therapist Emely Ramos shares her best tips this autumn

Here are 5 quick skin care tips on my favourite products, that I use to keep my skin fresh and hydrated when the seasons change.

Did you know that your skin is compliant with the seasons?

  • Winter to spring – The skin becomes a bit more oily than usual
  • Spring to summer – Impurities may occur, as well as broken blood vessels, as the skin reacts to sun exposure
  • Summer to autumn – Sun damage, in the form of fine lines and pigmentation, may become visible.
  • Autumn to winter – The skin becomes dry on the surface.

1. Extra hydration at night

The skin regenerates itself from daily stress and damage during the night, and this is when our cell renewal is most effective. That is why I recommend that you use products with high quantities of vitamins and active ingredients in the evening. The evening is ideal time for supporting the structure of the skin, as well as working on lines, thickening of the skin, pores, impurities and changes in pigment. My absolute favourite product right now is the Rejuvenating Serum, which is a calming and hydrating serum, that resets the skin’s natural moisture balance and revives the skin. The active ingredients Beta-glucan, Vitamin E and Hydroxyprolisilane C N stimulate the natural collagen production in the skin. Collagen is a protein in the connective tissues, that helps reduce the depth of wrinkles.

Rejuvenating Serum

2. Hydrate, hydrate and hydrate!

Beautiful skin often starts with good health and a healthy lifestyle. Don’t forget that sleep and what you ingest has a big impact on your skin. You’ll also need to remember to drink plenty of water! The most common skin problem in cooling weather is dry and flaky skin, which is caused by a lack of moisture and oil in the skin. To avoid getting imbalanced and dull skin, you can give it a boost with a course treatment. I personally prefer course treatments with long lasting effects, such as the super hydrating combination of the Skin Roller and Face Serum. Our Face Serum is packed with Hyaluronic Acids, that ties moisture to your skin up to 300% better! The needles on the Skin Roller open up the skin, which makes it much more receptive for absorbing the serum deep into the skin.

Skin Revival

3. Analyse your skin

You might notice a change in your skin, as the seasons change. Autumn is a season when people with oilier skin might notice their skin less oily, whilst people with normal skin might experience their skin to be drier than usual. This is due to the fact that the air becomes drier as the temperature drops, and your skin naturally reacts to this change in climate. Try and pay attention to the changes in your skin, and accompany these with appropriate changes in your skin care regimen and the products you use. Just like your wardrobe, your skin needs to be updated for every season.

4. Don't forget your hands!

Your hands, just like your face, are one of the most strained parts of your body, subjected to many kinds of elements. When you put on a thicker sweater in winter, you should also put on a thicker lotion. The dry and cold air in autumn, combined with the warm temperatures inside, are often the reason to dry hands in winter. When the skin lacks moisturising substances in the outer layers, the hands become dry and tight. My tip is to exfoliate your hands at least once a week, to remove dead skin cells. This makes the skin much more receptive of creams and lotions. I also use a as an extra boost to reset the moisture balance effectively. The mask utilises patented water-free technology, comprising of 87% active ingredients, and continues to work for eight hours after the actual treatment.

Hand Dry Mask

5. Deep purifying and detox

When autumn kicks in, the skin is often extra dull and grey. You might feel like you have lost the lovely lustre your skin had in the summer. The saviour of the dull autumn skin is deep purifying the skin! Combine our Sheet Clay Masks with a micellar cleansing product, to avoid drying out your skin with water every time you clean your skin. Our Clay Sheet Masks are developed to clean your pores thoroughly. The potent active ingredients, combined with the deep cleansing properties of the clay, make this a practical sheet mask, that leaves your skin firm with reduced pores and an amazing glow.

Clay Mask