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21 Dec 2017

Take your time

21 Dec 2017
Take your time

Four out of five adults in the UK have a smartphone*. This means that we can stay connected to others, access browsers and email more or less wherever we are, allowing us to multi-task on an unprecedented level. Whilst practical, this also means we are very rarely completely relaxed or take time out to regroup. Furthermore, society teaches us that we must work hard and ‘perform’ to feel good about ourselves. We often feel pressure to be perfect: patient and nurturing parents, supportive partners, loyal family members and friends. All whilst being hard-working employees. In this unrealistic myriad of demands, we often struggle to find time to just stop and do something for ourselves.

At Swiss Clinic, we talk a lot about Making a Difference – it’s our guiding philosophy and it affects everything we do. Changing the pace at which modern society operates is not something we could, or would like to do, but looking into how to cope with the stress that often accompanies everyday life is something we feel that we need to do.

Me time – you deserve it!

Sadly, we often feel that taking time out for ourselves is selfish or overindulgent. If you let go of this idea, allowing yourself some me time will become easier. But don’t just trust us, Doctors – from GPs to Psychiatrists – are now highlighting the importance of solitary time for the individual, time spent doing something that is solely geared towards themselves. Basically, the idea is that, by helping yourself you are better able to cope with everyday life, which leaves everyone; yourself and the people around you, benefitting from the more content and less stressed you!

Me time – it’s You-time!

So, what exactly constitutes beneficial me time? The answer is as individual as you are. For some it may be going for a run, for others it could be sitting down with a cup of tea to read a book. Have a think about what you enjoy and is easily accessible to you. Be realistic about how much time you can take as well – sometimes you only have 15 minutes, but don’t worry, that can make all the difference. So, whether your idea of relaxing is walking in the woods, having a beauty treatment, a coffee on your own, or a gruelling work out, take the time and do it!

Hopefully, you are feeling inspired to treat yourself to some well-deserved me time now. In a few weeks, when you are rushing around, and decide that you don’t have time to take a break, please come back to this list to remind yourself of the benefits and importance of treating yourself right!

  • Achieve more: Taking good care of yourself enables you to help and support others. If you are exhausted, unwell, and unhappy – you are unlikely to be in a position to care for others. When you feel healthy, happy, and energised – you are generally much more capable to love, support and nurture others.
  • Boost your immune system: Studies show that when we are mentally run down and unhappy, our immune systems can become compromised.
  • Gain respect: If you value taking time out for yourself, it signals that you value and respect yourself. Those around you are likely to pick up on this, and value and respect you in return.
  • Love yourself: Through quality me time, you will learn to enjoy your own company. And you will never spend more time with anyone else, so if you are going to invest in one relationship in your life, it should be this one!
  • Sleep better. If you have managed to spend some time unwinding during the day, your brain won’t need to rehash the day as much when you finally lie down to sleep.
  • Improve your relationships with others: When feeling more energised, healthy, patient, creative, inspired, clear-headed and productive, we are able to maintain happier, healthier relationships with others!

*in 2016, according to Deloitte