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07 Jun 2018

3 important differences between Swiss Clinic Skin Rollers and other dermarollers available online.

07 Jun 2018
3 important differences between Swiss Clinic Skin Rollers and other dermarollers available online.

1. Safety

Any tool that is to be used at home, on skin needs to live up to the highest safety standards. Our Skin Rollers are manufactured to ensure the highest possible quality; they are assembled by hand, whilst 5 computerised measurement machines and a laser scanning system oversee the process to verify the quality and ensure that the high standards are upheld. All our suppliers are inspected regularly and are ISO:9001 certified.

2. Needle length (0.5 mm or less)

For personal use, at home, it is important to keep the needle length to 0.5 mm or less. Anything longer than that should only be used by certified skin therapists, as they penetrate beyond the epidermis (the skin’s outer layer).

*Some producers argue that an increased number of needles on a dermaroller is beneficial. This is not necessarily so, it’s simply an aesthetic or ergonomic aspect. The more you roll the device, the more micro-channels you create. With more needles, you just don’t need to roll as much, but can achieve the exact same effect with a few more strokes with a device with less needles.

3. Material (sterling silver)

Swiss Clinic is the only supplier of derma rollers produced using a 2-step plating method. The base of the needle is formed and moulded in stainless steel, then plated in sterling silver. This is beneficial as silver is softer and therefore allows for the needle to be shaped exactly as desired. Furthermore, silver decreases the risk of allergic reactions.

Please note that the secret behind our at-home treatments is the combination of Skin Roller and the Serum that accompanies it. The serums are developed specifically to target particular skin concerns, and remember that after dermarolling, they penetrate the skin up to 300% more than they would on untreated skin.

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