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25 Oct 2018

Why Dry Masking is the hottest thing right now

25 Oct 2018
Why Dry Masking is the hottest thing right now

Let us introduce you to the revolutionary Dry Sheet Mask. Yes, you read that correctly - it is completely dry and even more effective than a wet one! Thanks to the Dry Mask being waterless it is highly active, rinse free and enables mobility while being worn. 

Compared to traditional wet sheet masks, the dry ones use a clear delivery system that enables for micro-penetration of the masks 87% active ingredients. Traditional wet face masks are usually made out of 85% water, with only five to seven active ingredients that usually stay on the surface of the skin.

Rather than being soaked in the serum, the active ingredients of the Dry Mask are printed on the textile, to make them all the more effective. The mask works with humidity, temperature, and body movements to activate the ingredients, which continues to works on the skin over a period of up to eight hours. It also features vitamins, nourishing oils and is developed to help smooth wrinkles, rejuvenate the skin and leave it hydrated, with a healthy glow.

Not only does it leave you with an incredible glow, it is also super easy to use. Ideal for multitasking while typing away at work, making coffee, checking emails in the morning or even in-flight, to arrive with glowing, hydrated skin!

Hand and Face Dry Mask (each mask can be used up to 3 times!!)

1. Place the Dry Sheet Mask with the pink side onto cleansed skin

2. Place the hooks over the ears/fingers and position onto the skin

3. Leave on for 15 minutes and gently massage the mask to activate the active ingredients

4. Remove the mask from your face or hands

5. Place the mask in its packet so you can use it again

Leaves no mess – is easy to use – gives you an incredible glow

Get yours here:

Face Dry Mask