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05 Mar 2019

Why is my skin dry during the winter season?

05 Mar 2019
Why is my skin dry during the winter season?

For starters, change your question to “why do I experience my skin being more dry during winters?”  Some people struggle with their skin becoming really dry during winter season. Your experience may not be reflecting reality. Let us explain further.

Do you know what variables make your skin type? A lot of people misunderstand what skin type they actually have. It’s based on your sebum production, in other words how oily you get during the day. A lot of people also fail to realize when their skin is lacking hydration and struggle trying to find the right products for their needs.

Which skin type do you really have?
Try to remember these insider-tips from us.

  • Someone with dry skin has a low production of tallow with small/non existent pores.
  • The normal skin type has a balanced production of tallow with small pores.
  • Combined skin usually has an area with balanced tallow production and parts of increased production with enlarged pores in the t-zone.
  • Lastly, oily skin has an increased production of tallow with enlarged pores.  

Your skin type is not only given by your inherited genes, outer circumstances can also affect your skin and give you problems. When the climate gets colder it’s almost impossible to avoid your skin from getting affected. This is due to the air consisting of less water during colder seasons. When temperatures gets really low the air is completely without water, your skin will then get dry on the surface because of the dry air. Another result of colder climate kan be that you get blemishes and clogged skin. To compensate your skin produce more oil, therefore it’s not uncommon that you feel like your skin is dry but that you also have breakouts.

Here are some common tips if you experience that your skin is getting affected by the winter cold.

1. Be gentle on your skin. Use mild products and be careful with products that lathers since they are more drying. Our Micellar Cleansing Gel is very gentle, doesn’t lather and perfect to use during the winter season but also for you who have a lower sebum production all year round.

2. Hydrate! Moisture is always important but even more during the winter. Make sure to apply moisture in the morning, preferably with serum and day cream and end your day with a night cream. Our night cream will make your skin feel smooth and soft in no time.

3. Be patient and keep stuck to your routines when it comes to your skin care and treat it extra nice during colder seasons and treat yourself with a face mask every week to keep the skin extra smooth and soft.  

4. Drink a lot of water! The rule of thumb is said to be that you should drink 1,5 liters water per day, this is of course individual but it’s good to drink water if you experience your skin being dry.