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22 Nov 2018

Worried about what to give your loved ones for Christmas? We’ve got you covered!

22 Nov 2018
Worried about what to give your loved ones for Christmas? We’ve got you covered!

Black Friday is not only about stocking up for yourself, make sure to take this opportunity to shop for your loved ones too, especially since Christmas is just around the corner.

Showing love and appreciation for the people around us, through Christmas gifts, is not as easy as it sounds, and every year, it comes with the same stress. But look no further, we have listed our goodies that will make them tear up and glow all Christmas long!

For her

Mother, mother in law, sister or cousin? Doesn’t really matter. If she’s into beauty, she will love these products.

Skin Reactive Treatment: This treatment really shows love for your loved one. The combination of luminous glow with deep hydration and anti-aging ingredients is a real treat, and this microneedling treatment is not only effective, but it’s also the only of its kind!

Self-Tan Pads: Speaking of glow and hydration! Our best-selling self-tan pads are truly self-tanning made easy! No smell, mess, stains on clothing and best of all, a natural and long-lasting tan. And who doesn’t want that for Christmas? Raise your hand!

Dry Masks: Save the best for last, right? Our innovative, patented mess free sheet mask with 87 % active ingredients turns ordinary masking into a spa moment. And yes, its hydrates and gives a head-turning glow, focusing on smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles.

Best of all? One mask – three-time use. Best of all? We got it for both your face and hands!

For him

Yep, this is the hard part. Sometimes you actually need to put a beauty product in their hands and tell them to use it. Because we all know that men need to treat their skin too. We listed easy to use products that they actually need, even if they don’t know it.

Eye cream: The eye area is delicate, and it needs some extra love. Especially in the colder months! And we are sure that once he starts hydrating, it will be hard to stop. Soon enough, hyaluronic acids are in his vocabulary!

Whitening Treatment: Who doesn’t want whiter teeth? Effective home whitening treatment, developed in consultation with dentists, is gentle to your gums and enamel and gives up to two years of lasting results! Soon enough, these goodies will definitely reflect in the snow.

Hair Growth Serum: This amazing product boosts your hair growth and gives fuller and healthier hair. Works both on the scalp and on the beard. And the results will make you steal it!