Detox and Glam Treatment

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Sanne Alexandra X Swiss Clinic
Detox & Glam Treatment

Say hi to a mess free two-step mask treatment. Charcoal infused on black bamboo and lyocell soaked in hyaluronic acid makes this the ultimate glowifying cleanse for your face.

"As a mother, always on the go, I need a life hack or two. I rarely have time to pamper myself these days so I turned to Swiss Clinic, my go-to experts in home treatments. Together with their product team I've developed a true life saviour in my very own detox and glam kit. This is a no-mess, two-step at home mask treatment for all of us busy power people out there. The Charcoal infused black bamboo is a master detoxifier and the Lyocell soaked in Hyaluronic acid makes me glow like never before. I hope you will enjoy your masking and the ultimate glow-kit I've created for us"