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With its smart and stylish design, this spacious and practical Beauty Bag from Swiss Clinic is a must for your skin care and makeup needs. We absolutely love the format! The light gray design, the long strap with the orange details and the large white Swiss Clinic logo. It can easily accompany you both to the beach, on holiday or as a nice storage in the bathroom.

✓ H: 16 cm. W: 24 cm. D: 9 cm.
✓ Perfect for the beach, the trip or in the bathroom
✓ For storage of your beauty products
✓ Practical handle on the side
✓ 100% nylon


A Beauty bag so stylish that you want to take it everywhere

Do you need a Beauty bag that you can easily take with you everywhere? The size is perfect for having it in a larger bag as storage, take with you on the trip, to the beach, or standing in the bathroom for easy and stylish storage of your beauty products. This will be your new "go to" toiletry bag that can follow you everywhere! It is spacious, practical, has a timeless design and durable material.


100% Nylon

Video Instructor
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When you travel, you want to take everything with you, but still as little as possible. We share 3 products that are our must-haves in the toiletry bag. With these 3 product recommendations, you keep your skin clean, moisturised and protected throughout the journey.
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Swiss Clinic Toiletry Bag - The Beauty Bag

We wanted to develop a toiletry bag that you want to take with you everywhere - the ultimate storage for your beauty products and other important belongings. In your Swiss Clinic “The Beauty Bag”, toiletry bag, you can easily store all your products in skincare, make-up and beauty. It is perfect both when you go out and travel or when you need storage in your bathroom.

A toiletry bag that you want to have standing in front of or take out

The design picks up Swiss Clinic's colors, a warm light grey color with a bold orange accent color and logo in white. A discreet, yet distinctive toiletry bag that holds your beauty favorites. We love the format and especially the handle that you can hang the toiletry bag in, or use just as it is, a handle when you carry the toiletry bag with you.

Use as a make-up bag, toiletry bag or storage

Our toiletry bag, The Beauty Bag, has several different uses. You can use it for your make-up, your hygiene products, as storage in your bag or bathroom, or why not take it to the beach? It works for all products and all occasions!

Toiletry bag for men

Our toiletry bag is of course unisex and fits all genders. An appreciated gift for a partner, friend, parent and / or sibling. A toiletry bag for men can be neutral, stylish and simple. Our toiletry bag is a bit towards the sportier and stylish side, and thus most people also like it. Perfect for the gym, training or traveling, whether it is a short staycation or a long trip. The toiletry bag holds most of your beauty products.