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21 Apr 2022

Caroline Winbergs favourites

21 Apr 2022
Caroline Winbergs favourites

Caroline Winberg, a well-known supermodel but now also creative director and partner in Swiss Clinic. If anyone knows what it's like to pack the perfect skin care products before each trip and to choose the right things to put in their toiletry bag, it's definitely Caroline.

- Caroline, you are now a partner in Swiss Clinic and have been involved in developing the product series The Base +, what are your favorite products from the series and why?

I like to build my own skin care based on the products that The Base + offers and that is the whole concept of the series so it suits me perfectly! I can add what I want when I need it, e.g. glow if my skin feels a little tired and dull. It is difficult to choose one favorite so I will recommend a few here…

Hyaluronic Filler+

Hyaluronic Filler+ has been a favorite from the start, everyone needs moisture and regardless of whether you are traveling in an airplane or at home in your bathroom, it is so easy to boost the skin with extra moisture. Hylaluronic Filler+ has saved my skin with its moisturizing properties many times.

Bye Bye Puffiness+

Now we are in the middle of the pollen season and regardless of whether you are allergic to pollen, as I am, or if you just want a little less puffiness around the eyes, Bye bye Puffiness + has a property that is magical. It makes puffy eyelids look less puffy. I have on some occasions even had my Bye bye Puffiness + in the fridge to have an even more soothing effect when I apply it. In the evenings I use it as a booster and drop a few drops around the eyes. During the day, I mix it with a small click of The Base + and apply it as an eye cream, it's absolutely perfect.

"Beauty on the go"

I think the whole concept of The Base +, where you mix up your perfect skin care routine, is so good! To be able to tailor my skin care routine according to the season or where I am in the world fits my lifestyle perfectly. I call it "Beauty on the go".

And as a last little tip now that we are actually in the spring season (believe it or not, given the weather) I have found a mix that is perfect to get a little more radiance in the skin. I take a click of The Base+ cream, 3 drops of C LOVES E+ and 2 drops of OH MEGA OIL 8+ and I get that fresh spring glow. Hope you like it too!