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24 Nov 2021

Christmas gift tips for her

24 Nov 2021
Christmas gift tips for her

Buying Christmas gifts can be difficult and sometimes feel difficult. But instead, think of these as actions of love and show the person that you really care about the person. If you do not know exactly what to buy for your girlfriend, wife, mother, grandmother or daughter - we will help you. Here are 5 Christmas gift tips from Swiss Clinic.


1. Hair Serum 

Swiss Clinic Hair Serum Hair Renewal Serum helps to reduce hair loss and stimulate the hair follicles to get healthier and more vibrant hair. It is a product that suits everyone, regardless of hair type. You use it by applying a few drops of the hair serum where it is needed and then massage into the scalp. Do this once a day. Finish by combing through the hair and let it dry. Done! Who does not want fuller and thicker hair? Perfect Christmas present!

Hair Renewal Serum Swiss Clinic

Hair Renewal Serum - £59.00

2. Serum

A wonderful moisturizing serum is always right! It is a product that is used daily and works wonders for your skin. We want to recommend our new serum Rejuvenating Serum X3 which has a repairing, moisturizing and as a protective barrier for the skin. It's magical now that the winter cold is coming!

Swiss Clinic Rejuvenating Serum X3

Rejuvenating Serum X3 - £59.00 

3. Eyelash serum

Longer, fuller and stronger eyelashes? Yes, please! Eyelash Growth Serum is one of Sweden's best-selling eyelash serums and gives volume to the lashes. It can be such a product that feels "expensive" to buy yourself, but which you are so happy to get as a Christmas present.

Swiss Clinic Eyelash Growth Serum

Eyelash Growth Serum - £59.00

4. Eye cream

The eyes are so important to take care of. Eye cream is often a product that is "forgotten", but oh so important. An eye cream can help minimize fine lines under the eyes and reduce swelling. Many people think that you can have a cream for the whole face, but unfortunately this is not true. The delicate eye area requires a formula with smaller molecules to be able to penetrate and work effectively around the eyes. Swiss Clinic Eye Cream has a light texture that blends into the skin. Contains Hyaluronic Acid that acts as a real moisture magnet! Anyone would be happy for a really good eye cream as a Christmas present.

Swiss Clinic Eye Cream

Eye Cream - £49.00

5. Sheet masks

Something you should always have at home is a pair of sheet masks - there can never be too many! You should have different sheet masks for different occasions and needs. We recommend The Sheet Mask Duo which contains both our clay masks Puriying Pink Clay Sheet Mask and Detoxifying Grey Clay Sheet Mask.

The pink mask helps to cleanse the pores and gives a fantastic glow. The grey mask is a deep cleansing detox mask that works effectively with niacinamide that reduces the visibility of enlarged pores and peptides that kick-start collagen production. Both masks are emollient and moisturizing.

Swiss Clinic sheet mask duo

The Sheet Mask Duo - £16.90 (Ord.price £22.00)

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