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10 Jun 2021

Insider tip from our colleague Milla

10 Jun 2021
Insider tip from our colleague Milla

Many people use teeth whitening only to get whiter teeth. But a teeth whitening can work just as well to remove discolorations and stains on the teeth. Our colleague Milla tested the Whitening System for 7 days for her discolorations.

Milla had white teeth, but she was bothered that she had discolorations on her front teeth. When we were going to start our market research of our teeth whitening Whitening System, she wanted to join and try it out to see if she could get the result she was striving for.

"I have been bothered a long time that I have crooked front teeth and some discoloration. That they are crooked, I can't do anything about.. haha. But I wanted to test and see if I could get rid of my stains on the teeth." - Milla

Milla tried our Whitening System for 7 days

We recommend that you start treating your teeth for 45 minutes, if this is your first time. Then you can gradually increase the treatment time by 15-20 minutes at a time. Our teeth whitening Whitening System contains only 0.1% hydrogen peroxide and is gentle on both enamel and gums. You do not have to worry about bleaching for too long!

"I started the first day of treatment for 45 minutes. I watched an episode of a series at the same time. It was super smooth and I forgot the time. The second night I extended the treatment time to two episodes of the series (about 1.5 hours in total). I also tried to sleep with my splints one night, which went really well! A little strange feeling on the teeth, but I brushed my teeth immediately when I woke up and then everything felt normal again. I did the treatment for a total of 7 days. " - Milla.

Results from treatment

"I am very happy with the result, but I will continue to treat to get rid of my discolorations even more! I loved that it went so fast to see results. Impressed! No irritation or discomfort, it did not feel difficult in any way - I like these kinds of treatments!" - Milla

Before - After after treating with Swiss Clinic Whitening System for 7 days. 

Inverted image to see the discolorations better.

Before and after - 7 days treatment.

Read more about the Swiss Clinic Whitening System or visit our Teeth Whitening guide that we have just launched. In the guide, you can read all about how the product works, what you need to think about and frequently asked questions that may come up before you perform your treatment.