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22 Apr 2022

Q&A The Base

22 Apr 2022
Q&A The Base

The Base+ is developed so that you can become your own skin expert! We think that you should be able to mix your own skin care routine according to your needs and the possibilities are endless. With that said, we understand that there are additional questions and therefore we have put together this Q&A (questions and answers) for you.

Are all products in the series vegan? perfume free? organic? paraben free?

All products are vegan, perfume-free, paraben-free and dermatologically tested. None of our products are categorised as organic skincare.

Have The Base+ products been tested on animals?

Like all our previous products, none of them have been tested on animals. All our products are also vegan.

Where are The Base+ products manufactured?

The products are an interaction between Swiss Clinic and a major Swedish developer. We have described our wishes and in consultation with chemists and product developers, most products have been tested and formulations have been changed to achieve the final product, which we are proud to present to you.

Can I mix The Base+ boosters with my own cream?

You should not mix our Grade Up Retinol 0.3%+ with other acids. When it comes to creams, test yourself! We have not had time to test ourselves through all the creams ;-) but know that our boosters work to use with many creams. What we know most and best is that they can all be mixed perfectly with our The Base+ cream.

Can I use them all at once?

Yes, if you would like to use them all at once, you can do so. How the effect may be is not quite so predictable. What we recommend instead is that you choose one or a few boosters according to your needs, what you want to achieve for results, what season it is in the year and whether you should use it as a day or night cream or how you want to use your booster. If you are unsure of how to do it anyway, then just write to our customer service and we will help you.

How do I know how to mix / dose?

On each bottle and carton that you get your booster in, there is a recommended dose for both mixing with The Base+ cream and if you use it as it is - a booster. We recommend that you test yourself to find the perfect dose for you and your skin's needs.

I have never used boosters before. What do you recommend I start with?

We recommend that you read our The Base+ Guide. If you want to try adding a booster to your skincare routine but are unsure which one may be right for you, then we recommend you start with a mild product that suits most skin types.

Our booster Hyaluronic Filler+ is pure hyaluron that all skin types can handle for moisture is something that makes us feel good. Our Oh Mega Oil 8+ is also a product that can be suitable for the beginner, gentle and wonderful for the skin. Perfect to boost the skin with a couple of times a week. Hope you find your favorites!

In our FAQ you will find more questions.