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20 Apr 2022

Swiss Clinic becomes 2.0 and changes graphic profile

20 Apr 2022
Swiss Clinic becomes 2.0 and changes graphic profile

The first thing a potential customer experiences at a first meeting is the visual, a reflection of the company's personality. It is important that the first impression gives a good impression, it should go hand in hand with the company's values ​​and business goals. That is why we are now presenting the new Swiss Clinic 2.0.

Vision and development

When Swiss Clinic was launched in 2012, we had a vision to create the most innovative and effective beauty treatments that can be performed yourself at home. It should be easy, time efficient and not cost too much to take care of yourself. Nothing has changed on that front, but we have evolved while we have now been around for 10 years. With the new Swiss Clinic, we want to strengthen our unique position as a brand in home treatments and also develop more skincare products adapted for you to be able to take home with you.

Swiss Clinic 2.0 The Base+

Our philosophy - Become your own skin expert

Finding the right products for your particular skin is not always easy. To make it even more complicated, your skin has different needs from season to season. And also different needs during the hours of the day, so you should adapt your skincare several times a year and during the day.

We decided to find a simple solution. You can become your own skin expert, create your own product line, your own skincare routine and mix it in the way your skin needs. We want to help you think and feel that skincare is simple, fun and affordable.

Read more about our concept The Base+.

Swiss Clinic 2.0 new colours

Swiss Clinic's new identity

We want to present our new identity colours. We have chosen to go outside the box and choose an accent colour that really stands out. Our new Swiss Clinic colour is a strong orange that is bold, raw and stylish. A colour that you will remember. Our grey colour "Cloud dancer" is a warm grey colour that together with the orange colour creates magic!

The logo "+"

When we decided to make the new Swiss Clinic, we decided to re-do everything. The Swiss Clinic logo also gets a new look. With the plus, we can both convey our product series The Base+, which is involved in driving the entire new launch of Swiss Clinic. But the plus is also found in our DNA, where everything started in Switzerland, it feels good that we put our DNA in our logo.

The same Swiss Clinic - just a bit nicer!

For a while now, you as a customer will see different logos and packaging until we have gradually phased in our new identity. It's the same Swiss Clinic, just a little more radiant and glamorous!

You beauty. #yourswissclinic