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22 Feb 2021

Teeth whitening at home vs. at the clinic?

22 Feb 2021
Teeth whitening at home vs. at the clinic?

Discolorations or stains on the teeth? It is very common, as many of us drink coffee and tea or eat spicy foods, which are some of the things that have an impact on how our teeth become discolored. A question that is common for us at Swiss clinic, is whether the result is good when you do a teeth whitening at home with Whitening System, or if you notice a big difference if you would instead choose to go to a clinic to whiten your teeth. We will therefore help you by simply answering the questions that often arise when you start thinking about whitening your teeth. We hope that it will make it easier for you to choose which method suits you best.

That you will get a faster result if you whiten your teeth at a clinic may say itself, a dentist may use a much stronger bleach to achieve a whiter shade of your teeth. But what is not mentioned as often, is that it is not further gentle on either your enamel or your gums and it is not at all uncommon to experience tingling in the teeth after a teeth whitening. It is also quite expensive and a teeth whitening at a clinic often lands on a couple of hundred bucks.

The teeth whitening that we offer is done at home with the Whitening System, it is a pair of splints that you easily shape to your teeth and then add a whitening gel in which is then allowed to work for 40 minutes. Whitening System is a gentle way to whiten teeth for both your enamel and your gums. And it is very rare that we hear that the bleaching has given the user irritation in the teeth. The teeth whitening that you do at home give a quick and long-lasting result, you can already after just a few days of the treatment see that your teeth have a whiter shade. It is not only efficient and gentle but also much friendlier for the wallet.

Whitening System is developed together with dentists and is a EU-approved product that is also a CPNP-registred teeth whitening, which makes it extra safe.

Teeth Whitening does not have to be so complicated, cause toothache or affect the wallet very much. We hope we have helped you answer some of the questions you had about teeth whitening at home vs. at the clinic. 

Please read more about our Whitening System and try it too!