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05 Jan 2015

Treatment of red eyes

05 Jan 2015
Treatment of red eyes

The fact that the eyes become red and reddened can be both irritating and painful, therefore one should understand as much as possible to avoid this. Sometimes, however, you can not control everything that happens, so even with red eyes. Therefore, we will tell you about what there are for different types of treatments for red eyes.

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Counteract red eyes, so you get tips and advice on what to do and what to avoid red eyes.

Which treatment is used to counteract red eyes depends, of course, on what the cause is. Some treatments, such as with Hydrating Eye Drops, can also be used both for preventive purposes. An additional benefit of Hydrating Eye Drops is that it eliminates red eyes and contributes to white eye whites.

Treat red eyes by yourself

In most cases, red eyes and any problems are short and can be treated yourself without the need to see a doctor. The symptoms usually disappear within a few days. A rule of thumb is usually that if the problems have not disappeared after a week, it is time to book an appointment with a doctor.

The most common is that the problems disappear by themselves, but if the eye or eyes are red, you can for example:

  • — Wash your eye with lukewarm water to remove any dirt and bacteria.
  • — If the eye is sticky and/or sticky with secretions, it can be difficult to get rid of this just by rinsing the eye. Instead, use a cotton pad that you have dipped in water.
  • — If you have red eyes due to dry eyes, you can use Swiss Clinic Hydrating Eye Drops. Unlike other eye drops for red eyes which are usually not good to use for dry eyes, Hydrating Eye Drops are also effective as a treatment for moderate to severe dry eye problems and will help you get white eye whites again.
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Red eyes due to allergies

If your red eyes are due to an allergy, there are eye drops specifically for allergies. Both this and tablets against allergies, so-called antihistamines are available without a prescription at the pharmacy.

Foreign substance in the eyes

If you have a foreign substance in your eye, rinse both eyes with water for at least 15 minutes. Then you should contact your nearest health center. You can also contact the health care counseling service, but the health center is preferable.

Keep in mind that sight is one of the most important things we have and the eye is a sensitive body part. So if you experience discomfort and feel anxious, it is always better to take the unsafe before the unsafe. For more general information about red eyes, you can read more about it in our magazine.