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Get a natural white smile at home in just 3-7 days!* Whitening System is a professional teeth whitening developed by dentists. The treatment is gentle, effective, safe and gives fast, long-lasting results.


✓ Easy to use at home

✓ Same results as at the dentist

✓ Gentle on gums and enamel

✓ Lasts about 18 treatments

✓ EU approved and developed together with dentists

*Results are individual and may vary.

The kit includes Whitening System tooth whitening gel and mouth trays for home whitening as well as the Teeth Whitening Pen, a teeth whitening pen that quickly and easily removes stains.


Gentle teeth whitening for home use 

Discolorations or stains on the teeth? Or are you just looking for a whiter shade of your smile? Whitening System is one of our best-selling products and it is not difficult to understand why. In just a few days, you achieve a whiter shade of your teeth.

Swiss Clinic Whitening System is a teeth whitening that you easily use at home, that gives a gentle result that lasts long after the treatment. Teeth whitening is gentle on both enamel and gums, and does not cause any tooth irritations. Whitening System is an EU-approved and CPNP-registered whitening product that has been developed together with dentists.

Whitening System contains

2 x Moldable dental splints
1 x Storage box for the splints
3 x Whitening teeth bleaching gel á 3 ml



All ingredients (the same for both products):

Propylene Glycol, Glycerin, Aqua, Sodium Bicarbonate, Carbomer, Cellulose Gum, Triethanolamine, PVP, Menthol, Mica, Hydrogen Peroxide, CI 77891


Step by step

Start by shaping your whitening splints

Dip a dental splint at a time into 80 ° warm water for about 2-7 seconds. As soon as you can see the edges start to bend, insert the splint into your mouth carefully and bite it and form the splint with the help of your finger.

When treating your teeth with whitening system

Brush your teeth thoroughly.

Apply 0,5 ml gel evenly in both splints.

If this is your first teeth whitening, start by treating for 45 minutes.
Then extend the treatment time by 15-20 minutes for each new treatment.

Repeat the treatment daily until you achieve the result you want, we recommend the treatment for 3-14 days.

Directions Whitening Pen

Brush your teeth thoroughly before starting the treatment.

To get the gel through the brush, twist clockwise at the bottom of the pen.

For optimal dosage, twist a hole turn per tooth row. Start applying on one tooth row, then repeat for the second one.

Once you’ve applied the gel, let it dry on the teeth for about 15 minutes, then you’re all done!

Note that the first time you use the product, you’ll need to twist more than a full turn to ge the gel to the top. This is only required the first time.

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  1. 100%
    By Sanna
    Tehokas kynä
    Kokeiltu monen valmistajan valkaisukyniä. Ei mitään teho, tässä kynässä on! Helppo käyttää. Valkoisempi ilme on huomattu ja kyselty ”salaisuutta”.
  2. 100%
    By Aleksi
    Valkaisu oli helppo ja tehokas.
    Valkaisu oli helppo ja tehokas. Muottien muotoilu oli hieman vaikeaa mutta onneksi sain hyvät ohjeet asiakaspalvelusta!
  3. 100%
    By Suvi
    Kyllä tällä vaalenee!
    Kyllä tällä vaalenee! Paljon parempi ja tehokkaampi kuin Yotuelin kallis kynä jossa ei paljon sitä ainetta ole eikä se ole tarpeeksi tehokasta. Kannatti lyödä enemmän rahaa tiskiin
  4. By Anna
    Hampaista tuli...
    Hampaista tuli valkoset vaan viikon käytön jälkeen!!
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