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11 Sep 2020

3 simple hacks to a more long-lasting self-tan!

11 Sep 2020
3 simple hacks to a more long-lasting self-tan!

We've all been there; the self-tan getting patchy no matter how thorough you apply it, or fades just after a day or two. We bring you the best tips on how to prep and maintain you self-tan for a long-lasting, even and gorgeous result every time.

Self-tan, what an amazing invention! It’s suitable for all skin types, you can usually tailor it depending on what intensity you want and, most importantly - you get the same summer fresh result like after a week at the Riviera beach, but without having to expose the skin to dangerous UV-radiation.

It’s not always the easiest to get the desired result, especially not if you’re a self-tan beginner. Depending on your existing skincare routine the result may vary, but with a few easy tips you are more than likely to see a significant difference:

Exfoliate more! - To regularly peel the skin makes wonders, not just when it comes to self-tan but also for the skin in general. It stimulates the skin’s cell renewal, it removes dead skin cells and provides a more even and smooth skin. Then, when you apply you self-tan the product will get new, fresh skin to work with. It will develop more even and will last for a lot longer compared to skin that hasn’t been exfoliated in weeks.

Hydration is key - The skin is continually renewed and for an optimal flow in this process, the skin needs hydration no matter skin type. Dehydrated skin will feel tight and sometimes flaky, and your beautiful self-tal will fade both quick and uneven. Boost your skincare routine with a hydrating serum (e.g Face Serum) and apply a hydrating face mask every now and then. Keep an extra eye on the skin during fall and winter since it tends to feel a lot more dehydrated and dry than usual.

Give yourself the time - When time is short and you’re tired after a long day at work, your skincare routine doesn’t always get on top of the priority list. Take that extra minute (or two) in the bathroom, especially when it comes to applying self-tan when an even result extra important.

Discover our range of self-tanners! We’ve developed two innovative products, both super easy to use, you can adjust the result and they both provide a beautiful, natural result.

Self-Tan Drops

Mix these concentrated drops with optional day cream or sun protection (it can also be used directly on the skin) and watch it gradually develop a golden shade. It is a light-weight and lasting oil which contains hydrating Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin E, providing care and protection to the skin. Test your way forward and adjust the amount of drops depending on desired intensity. The drops have a fresh scent and they don’t stain. If you use them on the body, wait for about 20-30 minutes before putting on clothes to secure that the product has been fully absorbed by the skin.

Hydrating Self-Tan Pads

Hydration, care and colour - everything while you sleep and recover, can it get any better? Our self-tan pads with an embedded, innovative formula gives a natural sun-kissed shade overnight while conditioning and hydrating so much that you don’t even need to use night cream. Contains Kukui Nut Oil and extract from Cactus Flower. One pad is lasts plenty enough to apply over both face, neck and chest (and don’t forget the ears!) The pads are “pillow proof” for zero staining on clothes or in bed.