About us

It’s actually pretty simple. Shopping for professional skincare should be easy, fun and affordable.

"Why is there no middle ground between skincare products with a short-term effect and expensive, often more complicated clinical treatments?" That was the question we at Swiss Clinic asked ourselves in 2012 when we decided to explore the beauty industry. We had noticed that there was a gap in the market and decided to create a new and unique line of clinical beauty products and beauty tools that could be used at home. Products that would bring about real changes and that last longer than cosmetics and traditional skincare, but without the risks or costs of cosmetic surgery or injections.

The search for suppliers began, suppliers who could meet the very high requirements required for the business idea would be just as described above and discovered that the epicenter of precision tools and advanced scientific research exists in Switzerland. It became a "perfect match": the ideal for Swedish natural beauty in combination with precise and efficient Swiss technology.

The rest is, as they say, history. But by focusing on online distribution, we can keep costs to a minimum, which enables us to continue to fulfill our promise: to make it affordable and possible for everyone to use clinic-inspired, professional home treatments and high-tech skincare at home.

Today, Swiss Clinic is based in both Sweden and Switzerland. Some of the research and product development takes place in the company's laboratory in Zurich, while marketing and management are handled from Stockholm.

Become your own skin expert

In 2020, we started sketching the next step for the Swiss Clinic, we set up a "problem" we wanted to help our customers find the answer to. With the continuous communication we have with our online customers, we quickly figured out (what we think) a solution to the problem. What we choose to focus on during our new launch in 2022 is: "Finding the right products for your particular skin should be easy, fun and affordable"

We decided to find a simple solution to buy the right skincare for your particular skin. You can become your own skin expert by creating your own product line, your very own skincare routine and mixing it in the way that your skin needs. Our vision is to help you find skincare simple, fun and affordable. The Base+ products are developed here in Sweden where we have our continued base. We help you have exactly the products you need at home, which are adapted to what your skin needs according to the season and needs. But also during all hours of the day. Believe us, that skin is the mirror of the face and something we have to take care of to get the results we want.