About Swiss Clinic
Our philosophy

It's actually quite simple. Taking care of yourself should not be cumbersome, take time or cost the shirt. Our products (or treatments as we often call them) are inspired by popular treatments you usually find at beauty salons. But adapted for home use.

So whether you are looking for a white smile, long beautiful lashes, thick beautiful hair, full eyebrows, a natural tan or advanced, professional skin care, you will find it with us. Everything available online so you can quickly and easily click home your products wherever you live.

The Microneedling Original

For many, we are best known as those who took microneedle treatment with Skin Roller from the clinic and adapted for home use. And that may not be so strange. Since the start in 2012, we have delivered over half a million microneedle treatments worldwide. We are passionate about Microneedling and it will always be in our DNA. But that's not all we do.

Results and experience

Our focus is not on having the largest range. For us, results and experience are everything when we develop products. If you have experienced the sensation in the skin the morning after a microneedle treatment, you know what we mean.

Results guarantee

A lack of results does not mean wasted money The most important thing for us is that you are satisfied with both our products and services. Should your treatment for any reason not give you any results at all, even though you have carefully followed our instructions and recommendations, we will reimburse you. The compensation can be a credit or a delivery of new products. We’ll find the best solution together.


Read more about our results guarantee here.


The Base+
Can I use the products when I am pregnant or breastfeeding?
When you are pregnant or breastfeeding, do not use active products such as vitamin A or vitamin C. This means that you should not use our Grade Up Retinol 0.3%+ or C Loves E+.
Can I use the products if I have rosacea, acne or any other skin disease?

Hyaluronic Filler+ is a moisturizing and soothing booster, however, it has no healing effect on these behaviors as they all fall into the category of skin diseases. You should always consult a dermatologist if you have acne or another skin condition before trying new products. If you have rosacea, you can use The Base+, Hyaluronic Filler+, Oh Mega Oil 8+ and Bye Bye Puffiness+. We recommend that you test the remaining products on a small part of your neck to see how your skin reacts.

Can I mix your boosters with my own cream?

You should not mix our Grade Up Retinol 0.3%+ with other acids. When it comes to creams, test for yourself! We have not tried to mix with all the creams out there ;-) but know that our boosters work with many creams. What we know most and best is that they can all be mixed perfectly with The Base+.

Can I have a booster on after my microneedle treatment? Which do you recommend?

You can definitely add a booster to your skincare routine after you have used your Skin Roller. After a microneedling treatment, the skin absorbs 300% more of the subsequent product than an untreated skin does. Feel free to add Hyaluronic Filler+ or Super Glue+ immediately after your microneedling treatment. Let it sink into the skin and then add The Base+ together with 3-4 drops of Oh Mega Oil 8+ and you get a real moisture boost. If there is too much moisture for you, just remove Oh Mega Oil 8+ and use Hyaluronic Filler+ and The Base+ as your moisturizing cream.

Are all products vegan? perfume free? organic? paraben free?
All products are vegan, cruelty free, perfume free, paraben free and dermatologically tested. None of our products are categorized as organic skin care.
Are they tested on animals?
Like all our previous products, none of them have been tested on animals. All our products are also vegan. We are proud members of PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals).
Can you send me samples?

We are currently unable to send any product samples, but in the near future we will have sachets on selected boosters that you are welcome to test. If you live near Åhléns City in Stockholm, our products can be tested there.

If you are unsure of which products to choose, we are happy to help you with a recommendation of which products you can start testing. Please use  our Beauty Tech Advisor or contact our customer service at info@swissclinic.com.

How long does a bottle last?

The answer depends entirely on how you use your booster. If you use it as part of your routine where you mix it with The Base+, it will last longer than if you only use it as a booster. An opened bottle should be used within 12 months of first opening it.

Should the drops be applied directly to the face or hands?

Apply the drops in the way you prefer. If you are going to use one of the products in the series as a booster, then you can drop directly to your face (just make sure that the pipette doesn't touch your face) or you can drop it in the hand and then apply on your face. If you are mixing one or more boosters with The Base+ to create a cream, we recommend that you mix them all in your hand, which you have washed thoroughly before you start mixing.

Can I use them all at once?

Yes, if you would like to use them all at once, you can do so. But we can't predict how effective it will be. Instead we recommend that you choose one or more booster according to your needs, what you want to achieve for results, what season it is in the year and whether you should use it as a day cream or night cream. If you are unsure of how to do it anyway, then just write to our customer service and we will help you.

Note! We don’t recommend mixing Grade Up Retinol 0.3%+ with any other acids.

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Can I change / cancel my order?
To make any changes or cancellations, get in touch with Customer Service as soon as possible.

Visit our Customer Service Portal here for the easiest and fastest support.
Why doesn't the discount code work?
If you have a discount voucher, you need to enter the code at checkout, in the “Gift token/Discount code” field, and then click on the “Update” button next to it.
Please note that the code is case sensitive, so you will need to enter it exactly as you received it.

If the discount is still not applied it may be the case that:

- the code has expired
- the minimum spend amount has not been met
- the code has already been used on a previous order

Please read through the conditions of your unique code carefully.
Are my chosen products reserved in the shopping cart?
Unfortunately, we cannot reserve any products.

Many of our products are in high demand and we sometimes run out of stock. To avoid disappointment, we recommend that you proceed to checkout as soon as you have finished selecting your products.
Do I need to create an account and log in to shop with you?
No, not unless you want to!

Simply choose the products you want, put them in your basket and proceed to checkout to complete your purchase.
Is a subscription activated when I order from you?
We do not offer subscriptions for any of our products / treatments.
No products will be sent out automatically. If you want a new product, you have to visit our fantastic website again and place a new order.
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What is your delivery time?

All orders are packed and dispatched from our TPL in the UK. They are sent by RoyalMail Tracked 48h (Pack It) and will arrive within 1-3 working days.

The courier will deliver the parcel to the address you gave at checkout, and will send both an email and a text message in the morning on the day of the arrival. 

Both messages will have a tracking link.

Can I track my package?

RoyalMail (Pack It) will deliver the parcel to the address you gave at checkout, and will send both an email and a text message in the morning on the day of the arrival. 

Both messages will have a tracking link.

Does the shipping cost anything?

We offer free shipping on all orders over £55. Orders under £55 come with a additional shipping cost of £5.

(Shipping rates and terms can change on exceptional occasions; eg larger campaigns)

I didn't receive what I initially ordered!
Contact us and let us know what went wrong. We'll solve it faster than you can imagine.
What happens if my delivery is delayed?
In such cases, we will try to communicate this with you frequently until the parcel has been despatched.
Do you send outside the UK?
Yes we do!

We offer deliveries within the EU. You can select the country in the checkout.
The above-mentioned delivery conditions do not apply to shipments outside the UK.

Outside UK:
Delivery time – 3-5 business days
Courier - UPS

(Shipping rates and terms can change on exceptional occasions; eg larger campaigns)

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What payment options do you offer?

We work together with Klarna.

Klarna is a popular payment provider with a wide range of payment options and easy checkout solution.

Everything from a regular 14-day invoice, card payment, pay-later promotions and a lot more. There should be an option that suits everyone.

Why is my card not being accepted?
If your Visa or Mastercard is declined, I would suggest you double check that your credit card details are written correctly, and that you do not have any restrictions regarding online purchases.

You might also want to try another card or another web browser. You can also complete the payment via PayPal. You do not have to set up an account, you can pay with your credit card.
Do you offer 3D Secure?
Yes, all our payments are verified with 3D Secure.
This is an authentication method used to ensure secure online transactions.
How do I return my product(s)?

If you like to return a product, multiple products or your entire order, please follow these steps:

1. Contact us via email, chat or social media and give us the following:
• Order number
• Reason for the return
• Preferred date for package pickup 
• Safe place where you can leave the package, if you're not at home.

2. You will receive a return slip from us a couple of days after via e-mail.

3. Print the return slip.

4. Put the products in a transport-resistant package and close it carefully.
We prefer you to use the packaging you received the products in.
NOTE! You do not have to leave any message in or on the package.

5. Paste the return slip at the top of the package.

6. When the return has been received and checked by us and everything is in accordance with our agreement, we will send a confirmation by email.

(a) If the reason of your return is that you regret the purchase or want to change any of the received product(s), it is extremely important that the products are received in saleable condition. Should they not be in this condition, we reserve the right to return the package and charge you for the additional shipping cost.
(b) If you refuse the return pick up at the agreed date, we have the right to charge you for the return service cost.

Does it cost me anything if I want to return the products?

Not at all! The pick up is already paid for.

 (If you refuse the return pick up at the agreed date, we have the right to charge you for the return service cost.)

When will I get my refund?
When the return has been received and everything is in accordance with our agreement, we'll send a confirmation via email.
Depending on which bank you have, the transaction may take anywhere between 3 and 14 business days.
Do you contact the payment provider or do I have to?
We have direct access to the providers system and the payments made by our customers.
You can just sit back and relax. Let us do the work.
How can I get in touch with you if I have questions, complaints, praise or other remarks?
We are thrilled that you want to contact us. Messages are answered quickly, but we want to be honest and tell you that sometimes it might take a day or two. The best way to reach us is without a doubt through Facebook and Instagram.

Have tests been performed on your microneedle treatment?
We have done a test and compiled all the statistics and feedback from our 46 participants.
Read the summary and create your own opinion about our Microneedle Home Treatment.

Would you recommend the treatment to a friend or colleague?
Yes: 88%; No: 12%

Were you worried that the needles would hurt before you started the treatment?
Yes: 63%; No: 37%

How would you describe the feeling when you rolled for the first time and how did it develop over time? (The majority of free text response was)
“A little sticky and hard to know how to do it. Over time, you felt how the skin reacted and you could roll more / a little more pressure.”

How would you describe the sensation after applying the serum? (The majority of free text response was)
“Quickly entered the skin. Nice and refreshing sensation.”

After how long did you feel the skin changed for the better?
Not at all: 11%
Within a few days: 19%
2-4 weeks: 27%
4-6 weeks: 27%
6-8 weeks: 16%
What exactly is included in each set?

We have developed and offer a luxurious scarlett red box in 3 different variants.

1. Face - Microneedling Home Treatment
Contains a Skin Roller handle with our needle head 0.5mm for face + Reviving Face Serum.

2. Body - Microneedling Home Treatment
Contains a Skin Roller handle with needle head 0.5mm for Face + Needle head 0.5mm Body + Regenerating Cream.

3. Eye - Microneedling Home Treatmemt
Contains a Skin Roller handle with needle head 0.5mm for Face + Needle head 0.2mm Face + Eye Cream.

4. Get A New Start - Microneedling Home Treatment
Contains Reviving Face Serum + Needle head 0.5mm Face + Sanitizing Spray.

5. Keep Up The Good Work - Microneedling Home Treatment
Contains Reviving Face Serum + Needle head 0.5mm Face

6. Needle Refill - Microneedling Home Treatment
Contains Needle Head 0.5mm Face + Needle head 0.5mm Body (Note! The Skin Roller handle is not included).

What is the difference between 0.5mm for Face and 0.5mm for Body?
The needle head for the body has 1080 needles, unlike the needle heads for the face that has 600. It is also considerably wider with a greater distance between the needle rows. All this means that 0.5mm for body easier penetrates thick skin and also treats larger areas faster. This should not be used on the face.
Can I use my own products after I've use the Skin Roller?
Yeah sure. Please allow our serum to be absorbed into the microchannels for 1 hour before applying a cream or oil.
How do I clean the Skin Roller?
It should be done with a germicidal liquid and not in hot or boiling water. Easiest to use is our Beauty Accessory Cleaning Sprays.
If you are in a hurry and need cleaning now, you can also go to the pharmacy and buy something similar.
Are the products tested on animals?

No, none of our product are tested on animals.

Are the products vegan?
All products except the Night Cream is vegan (Night Cream contains Beeswax)
How do I know that the microneedle treatment will work on my skin type?
Our microneedle treatments suits all skin types. The needles are alloyed with sterling silver, so that even those with sensitive skin can enjoy the treatment.
How often should I use the Skin Roller?
Perform the treatment daily in 5-day treatment cycles, ie 5 days of rolling, then 5 days of rest. Continue the 5/5-day cycles for 2 months. We suggest to apply the serum during the days you let your skin rest. Let the serum absorb for 60 minutes before applying other skin care products.

Let your skin then rest for a month before you start a new treatment of 5/5-day treatment cycles. Always start a new treatment with a new needle head. It’s the best way to reach and maintain optimum results, for hygienic reasons and to avoid skin reactions. The needle heads are easy to pull off and replace.
How long can I use the needles?
The needles should be replaced prior to each new treatment (after 2 months). A new and fresh needle head gives your skin a better condition and experience.
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The Skincare Range
What makes your skincare series so good?
Containing 8 different types of hyaluronic acids and 5 different peptides, The Skin Care Range is truly unique and works on many different levels providing unrivalled results.

The ingredients are carefully chosen and combined to rebuild, create a glow, penetrate and rehydrate the skin, all whilst deeply nourishing it. This means that the PENTA-technology is suitable and beneficial for all types of skin.
Are the skincare products vegan?
All of our products, except the Night Cream, are free from animal ingredients. The night cream contains bees wax, an ingredient for which there is no artificial replacement to date. It has unique characteristics that provide more protection than oils and fats thanks to the structure of wax, allowing the skin to absorb it slowly. It does not clog pores, calms irritated skin and softens the epidermis. The night cream also includes snail mucin, known for its powerful restorative and rehydrating properties.

None of our products are tested on animals, and Swiss Clinic are proud to be members of PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals).
Can I combine the skincare products with my microneedle treatment?
The Face Serum that is a part of the entire skin care set Skin Care Range is exactly the same serum that comes with our microneedle treatment, Face Treatment.

Our creams can absolutely be combined with your microneedle treatment.
In this case, we ask you to let your serum be absorbed for at least 60 minutes before lubricating your face with a cream or oil.
Does the Eye Cream help against dark circles under the eyes?
Yes, our Eye Cream is proven effective in reducing dark circles under the eyes.

It is thanks to the active ingredient Eyeliss. It contains three proteins - an herbal extract that helps reduce swelling by reducing fluid buildup under the eyes, along with two natural peptides that fight dark circles, while increasing skin elasticity, both of which help reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

The trio of powerful ingredients also works in synergy to support the circulation under the eyes, giving more oxygen to the skin cells resulting in improved skin texture.
How do I know if the Skin Care Range suits my skin type?
Skin Care Range is truly unique and works on many different levels providing unrivalled results.

The ingredients are carefully chosen and combined to rebuild, create a glow, penetrate and rehydrate the skin, all whilst deeply nourishing it. This means that the PENTA-technology is suitable and beneficial for all types of skin.
Do any of the products contain SPF?
None of these products contain SPF.
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Sheet Masks & Eye Patches
What is a sheet mask?
Sheet Masks are available in many different forms for various areas. They can be sticky, non sticky and have different colors. What is most important is what they contain and how these ingredients affect your skin.

Using masks at regular intervals is good for the skin.
What is the difference between your masks?

We want to offer our customers many options when it comes to Sheet Masks.
Choose between dry masks, clay masks, regular sheet masks and super cool eye patches.

We present:

• Our clay masks - Detoxifying Gray Clay Sheet Mask and Purifying Pink Clay Sheet Mask
Our Clay Masks are made with a unique gauze, which allows the enriched clay to fit snuggly and comfortably on the face, completely without a mess. The mask will dry comfortably in 15-20 minutes, but we recommend that you wear the mask for up to 25-30 minutes for the best effect. The mask’s properties are developed in synergy to leave the skin detoxed, with minimised pores and a beautiful glow.

• Our Sheet Masks - Detox and Glam Treatment
Together with the Swedish influencer and mother Sanne Alexandra, we have developed simple yet exciting sheet masks.
Detoxifying Sheet Mask with carbon-coated black bamboo is a real cleansing master. Glam Glow Sheet Mask consists of Lyocell and is soaked in hyaluronic acid which makes it perfect as a primer.

• Our eye patches - Hyaluronic Microneedle Patches - 100% Hyaluronic Acids
Used on facial area in need of a plumping, smoothing and firming effect. Apply the patches on the chosen facial area, for at least 2 hours, or preferably overnight, to enable the active compounds to be absorbed completely.

Our masks have a whole category page for themselves. You can find it in the menu under SHOP -> MASKS

Is a Microneedle Patch for single use or can it be use reused?
These can only be used once.
Think about the environment and recycle your patches.
Should I use the eye patch every day?
The first month of treatment sets the groundwork.
Therefore, it’s recommended to treat once a week for a month and then treating once every other week to maintain the results.
How long does the desired effect last after treating with Hyaluronic Microneedle Patches?
The desired effect stays for a couple of weeks.

What is also good is that you continue with your usual skincare routine, which provides the newly added hyaluronic acids with moisture.
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Can I use Hair Renewal Serum on any other parts of the body?
Yes, it can also be used on beards, for example.
Can I use Hair Renewal Serum on dyed or highlighted hair?
Absolutely, Hair Renewal Serum does not affect hair colour, but rather helps stimulate the hair follicles as well as promoting faster growth and thicker hair.
Does Hair Renewal Serum contain preservatives?
No. Hair Renewal Serum does not contain parabens or any other preservatives.
How long will it take before i start to see any results of your different hair products?
Hair Renewal Serum: 2 months

Brow Growth Serum: 4-5 weeks

Eyelash Growth Serum: 6-8 weeks
Can I use the product when I'm pregnant?
Treating with the eyelash and eyebrow serum during pregnancy is no problem.

Hair Renewal Serum's active ingredient Akosky Azuki is, according to us, so strong that there is a risk that pigmentations will occur if you use this product during pregnancy. Therefore, we think that you should wait with this, but you can start treating your lashes and brows now.
What happens to the hair when I stop treating with the serum?
The hair is affected like a muscle, when you finish the treatment altogether. It slowly but surely returns to a weaker condition due to external factor such as UV radiation and stress.

It is therefore recommended that you treat 2-3 times a week, in order to maintain the strength of the hair and the results you have achieved.
Can I use Eyelash Growth Serum if I have eyelash extensions?
Yes! The Eyelash Growth Serum has a unique combination of nutritious ingredients that are suitable to be used even with eyelash extensions.
Does the Eyelash Growth Serum contain the same ingredients as the Brow Growth Serum?
Yes, the content is the same unique formula.

The Brow Growth Serum comes with a mascara-like brush that is designed for the application best suited for your eyebrows, while the Eyelash Growth Serum has a brush that is designed for easy application at the roots of your lashes.
What should I do if I get the serum in my eyes?
If you get the serum in your eyes, you should rinse them carefully with lukewarm water. If irritation persists after getting the serum in your eyes, consult a doctor and kindly contact our customer service.

Visit our Customer Service Portal here for the easiest and fastest support.
Does the serum affect bare spots?
If the hair follicles on the bare spots are dead, then no serum will help. If they are inactive (almost invisible), but still alive, then our serum has good effects, to make them grow faster and stronger. It is difficult to know if the hair follicles are dead or not. Sometimes you can try to go very close to the mirror to see if there are any hairs at all. However, I had recommended that you treat with our eyebrow serum as it prevents hair loss . You then keep the area strong and healthy.
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Do I need both tanning products to achieve results?
They both work  just fine on their own as well.
How do I use your Self Tanning products?
Morning routine:
Add a few drops of Self-Tanning Drops to your day cream or sunscreen (factor 30 SPF is our suggested use on face and neck) or apply directly on your skin.

Evening routine:
Gently cleanse your skin with Micellar Cleansing Gel, then gently apply a Self-Tan Pad to your skin with circular motions. This will continue to nurture your tan, while moisturizing and caring for your skin throughout the night.

Increase the number of repetitions with the pads to enhance the pigments intensity
How many times must I treat to achieve results?
You should see differences already after the first treatment.
You increase the color intensity by treating several days in a row until you have the wonderful brown shade you desire.
Can I use the products in combination with my regular skincare products?
Yes! You can mix the Self-Tanning Drops with your day cream. Add the amount of day cream you need in your palm and then 1-3 drops of the Self-Tanning Drops. Mix the cream with the drops and apply it to the skin as usual. This can also be done with your skin care products for the body.

It’s not a must to mix the Self-Tanning Drops with a cream. You can also apply it directly as it is on the skin.

Self-Tanning Pads are already moisturizing, but of course you can combine it with a night cream. You can apply your night cream before or after treating with the Self-Tanning Pads.

Allow one product to be absorbed for 30-60 minutes before applying the other product.
Can I treat with the Skin Roller while using your Self Tanning products?
This should be done during the days you take a break from the Skin Roller.
We wish you to apply the Self-Tanning products first when you’ve let your skin rest for 3 days.
Do the products contain SPF?
No, none of our products contain SPF
Can I apply the drops to my body?
Yes! Mix some drops in your body lotion.
What should I consider when I use Self- Tanning products?
Do not apply to damaged, irritated or sensitive skin. Avoid eye contact.

Uneven color occur often due to the dead skin cells.

Therefore, we recommend that you have a cleaning routine, e.g. peeling, to minimize the number of dead skin cells on the skin surface and maintain an even color.
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Teeth Whitening
How does Whitening System work?

Whitening System uses a mouth tray and gel is a form of bleaching known as the oxidation method. The oxidizing agent in the gel releases solitary oxygen atoms, free radicals, which then break down the organic molecules (discolouration).

It usually takes 2-3 days to see the first results, but we recommend you use it for 3-7 consecutive days. The usage depends on the amount of discoloration you wish to remove.

Use ¼ ml to ½ ml of gel on each mould. Place a thin layer of gel in the front portion of the mould, so that the gel covers the outside of your teeth. If you add too much gel into the mould, it might get squeezed out by your teeth and end up on your gums.

Detailed instructions with pictures are available in the packaging, as well as on the product page.

Can I use Whitening System whilst pregnant or breastfeeding?

There is no known reason why it would be harmful, but we recommend that you wait until you are no longer pregnant or breastfeeding before whitening your teeth. You should also avoid whitening your teeth if you have braces, poor gums or tooth decay. Consult your dentist if you are not sure whether you have any of the aforementioned issues.  

Can I whiten my teeth even if I have false teeth made of plastic or porcelain?

Yes, it is possible to whiten your teeth even if you have teeth made of plastic or porcelain. Keep in mind that it is not possible to make false teeth any whiter than they were initially. The discolourations will be removed even on false teeth and they will revert back to their original colour.

You can use Whitening System with tooth jewellery.

I already have dental splints. Can I buy the Whitening System gel separately?

Yes you can. The refill set is called Whitening System (Refill).

Does Swiss Clinic use the same teeth whitening as dentists?

Yes, we sell exactly the same product as dentists. You can find a similar gel to the one we sell at your dentist, but at a much higher price. We only sell products with a concentration of active ingredients that comply with the Dental Association’s recommendations.

Our Whitening System kit has been specially developed by dentists to be safe, convenient and to provide good results. Our method is exactly the same as that used by dentists and there are no studies indicating that it is harmful. Follow our instructions carefully and we guarantee that you will be satisfied.


When you go to a dentist to have your teeth whitened, the mouth trays are produced by hand in a dental laboratory, which is very time consuming and costly. With Swiss Clinic’s Whitening System you get a specially manufactured mouth tray, which you mould yourself. This way you not only save time, but also the cost of manufacturing the mouth trays. The results are the same, but at a much lower price (40-50% less).

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How can I become a test person?
It happens that we search for test persons for a certain treatment.
In such cases we invite our customers to it on the website and describe in detail how to register.
How do I start a collaboration with you?
The simple fact that you show interest in our company and products makes us incredibly happy. First you need to contact us via mail (collab@swissclinic.com) or on our social media channels via DMs.

In your message you are welcome to link to your channels and also tell us about you and your followers. One of our collab managers will reply as soon as possible.
I want to become a reseller!
Who doesn't want our products in their range?
Contact us by email at sales@swissclinic.com and tell us all about your store. Please leave your mobile number, if we want to give you a call.
Privacy & GDPR
What rights do I have?
We follow the laws and regulations of GDPR. These include:

- The right to be informed.
- The right of access.
- The right of rectification.
- The right to erasure.
- The right to restrict processing.
- The right to data portability.
- The right to object.
- The right of automated decision making and profiling.

What all these right mean in detail is documented here:
Do your products contain preservatives?
Preservatives are important ingredients that are added to cosmetic products in order to be safe and effective. Ensuring the products means giving people the confidence that their cosmetics are protected against contamination of microorganisms during storage and continued use.
Do you test your products on animals?
No, none of Swiss Clinic’s products are tested on animals and we are proud members of PETA - People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.
Do you do treatments at clinics?
Beauty treatments at clinics are usually so expensive and not accessible to everyone. This goes against what we stand for. We want to offer everyone our treatments regardless of where they live.

Therefore, we only develop and sell home treatments that you carry out at home. You decide when and where you want to treat. So much easier and more fun to do it yourself!
Are your products in stores?
Not yet, but we'll working on it and will inform all of you when the time has come.
How do I unsubscribe from your newsletters / text messages?
In all of our marketing e-mails, you should be able to deregister via a link. This usually occurs at the end of the message with an instruction on how to complete the deregistration.
What is the Result Guarantee?
We strive for 100% customer satisfaction and the only way we can achieve this is to offer excellence in all aspects of our business, including, but not limited to, exclusive products of the highest quality. All products from Swiss Clinic are developed in Switzerland, clinically tested and proven effective. This is why we offer Swiss Clinic’s unique Result Guarantee, which means that, in the unlikely event you do not achieve the desired results and have used the product in accordance with our instructions and conditions, we will reimburse the total sum of your order. 
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