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Who we are
Swiss Clinic was founded by Sebastian Gordon and Fredrik Kristensson in 2012. What first sparked their interest for the beauty industry was the fact that there was a gap when it came to easy, affordable at-home beauty treatments. They wanted to make ...
What we do
We are a disruptive beauty company revolutionising the way people consume and perform their beauty treatments. We make advanced beauty and skin care treatments simple and fun, available in the comfort of your own home and based on our community’s input...
Why we do it
To enhance and maintain your natural beauty. We believe that giving everyone access to high quality skin care and treatments that make a real difference results in greater self confidence and feeling better about yourself. That is what we really mean...
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Can I change / cancel my order?
To make any changes or cancellations, get in touch with Customer Service as soon as possible. Visit our Customer Service Portal here for the easiest and fastest support.
Why doesn't the discount code work?
If you have a discount voucher, you need to enter the code at checkout, in the “Gift token/Discount code” field, and then click on the “Update” button next to it. Please note that the code is case sensitive, so you will need to...
Are my chosen products reserved in the shopping cart?
Unfortunately, we cannot reserve any products. Many of our products are in high demand and we sometimes run out of stock. To avoid disappointment, we recommend that you proceed to checkout as soon as you have finished selecting your products.
Do I need to create an account and log in to shop with you?
No, not unless you want to! Simply choose the products you want, put them in your basket and proceed to checkout to complete your purchase.
Is a subscription activated when I order from you?
We do not offer subscriptions for any of our products / treatments. No products will be sent out automatically. If you want a new product, you have to visit our fantastic website again and place a new order.
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