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01 Mar 2021

Netstyle's editor in chief Charlotta Flinkenberg has tried our Skin Roller

01 Mar 2021
Netstyle's editor in chief Charlotta Flinkenberg has tried our Skin Roller

From dull to glow. Charlotta Flinkenberg is a journalist, author, lecturer, influencer and media entrepreneur. As if that were not enough, she is also Netstyle's founder and editor-in-chief with 25 years of media experience, mainly as editor-in-chief of magazines such as Frida, Veckorevyn, Glamor and CHICH. On her blog and Instagram, you can get everything from outfit dilemmas, career tips to tests of beauty treatments and products.

Charlotta before treatment with our Skin Roller, and Charlotta after treatment.

Charlotta tried our Skin Roller during a treatment period and share her thoughts and results in Netstyle.

”I tested this product just when it was launched many years ago and was then happy with the result. But my skin has aged a lot since then. I recently turned 50 and have a moisture-poor skin with dry lines, wrinkles around the eyes and some pigment spots due to sins in my youth (sunbathing a lot etc.…). The first few days I noticed a negative effective visually because the skin felt bothered, irritated, a little flammable and itchy / extra dry. I also perceived the skin as extra "thirsty" after the treatment and used lots of serum. It just sank in right away! The skin also turned red-pink, much like when you sunbathe in a solarium in the 90s.”

Your serum is absorbed 300 times better when used after your Microneedling.

Skin care products during treatment

During the treament, Charlotta used our recommended products from Swiss Clinic: Micellar Cleansing GelReviving Face SerumNight Cream & Eye Cream.

The products are developed to give you the best possible results during your treatment, thanks to the active ingredients, they work to rebuild your skin and have a moisturizing, firming and radiant effect.

"Easy to get a clinic results at home"

In Charlotta-s blog post at Netstyle, you can read how Charlotta thoroughly cleaned her Skin Roller both before and after her treatment and how she used her skin care products to achieve the desired result of her treatment.

”The skin is more moisturized and with a visible glow”

Charlotta shares her before and after pictures, the pictures were taken without makeup and are unedited.

If you want to read the whole article from Charlotta Flinkenberg, you will find it here.

If you are curious about trying a home treatment with Microneedling, you can read more about it here.