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21 Apr 2022

How to add an oil to your skincare routine

21 Apr 2022
How to add an oil to your skincare routine

If you choose to add a facial oil to your skincare routine, you can be happy with your choice, you will help your skin strengthen its skin barrier, moisturise and contribute vitamins. How to use oil in your skincare.

How do I use oil in my skincare routine?

You can either mix a few drops of oil in your day and / or night cream or choose to use your face oil as a final step in your skincare routine. The oil then settles as a protective and repairing membrane and retains moisture in the skin throughout the day or night.

You can also apply your oil as a serum, on cleansed skin. It works to have the oil alone or under a really moisturising cream. The oil then provides the skin with nourishment and vitamins that can penetrate into the upper layers of the skin.

Oil when using Gua Sha, Jade Roller or Skin Gym

When you are going to use tools for your face such as Gua Sha, Jade Roller or Skin Gym, it can be good to apply an oil on the skin before. Think of it as a back massage - when you have an oil on the skin, the tool (hands, fingers) can glide easily over the skin.

Swiss Clinic facial oil Oh Mega Oil 8+

Oh Mega Oil 8+ is an oil booster that contains 8 (!) vegetable oils. This is what we call a real "repair oil" for the skin. Oh Mega Oil 8+ gives a natural glow and helps substances in your other skin care products to have an effect on the skin. Suitable for sensitive, dry or mature skin.

Some properties that Oh Mega Oil 8+ has:

- Builds up, cares for and softens the skin
- Cell repair properties
- Helps other products to have an effect on the skin
- Soothes and protects a stressed skin
- Gives a fantastic glow