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28 Jun 2022

How to make your hair beautiful and shiny

28 Jun 2022
How to make your hair beautiful and shiny

We all lose hair, which is a completely natural part of the hair growth process. But when the hair becomes thin and dry, it can be a sign that the growth is not right - and Hair Serum 2.5% can make the hair follicles get back on track.

RIGHT NOW: Try the effective treatment Hair Serum 2.5% which reduces hair loss and brings life to dry and dull hair - get your dream hair for the summer!

Many of us wish we had a little more vibrant and thicker hair, but have accepted the lot of life. But there is actually a way to get the long-awaited hair - in a completely natural way.

Hair Serum 2.5% from Swiss Clinic

Contains a high-tech hair growth complex with active ingredients, extracted from natural plant extracts. This serum reduces hair loss, stimulates your hair follicles and gives a healthier and more vibrant hair.

But how does the serum really manage to do this? Let's take it from the beginning:

Your hair goes through three different phases:

These phases are: the growth phase, the transition phase and the inactive phase. When we lose hair, we are usually in the inactive phase, but when the hair follicle enters the growth phase again, the lost hair is often replaced with new. Sometimes, however, the hair follicle can remain in the inactive phase which means no new hair will grow out.

This problem is often due to communication problems between different cells in the hair follicle. This does not mean that the hair follicle is dead, but there is no new growth.

And that's when Hair Serum 2.5% comes in.

This hair serum from Swiss Clinic ensures that the hair follicle behaves as it should again: that is, that it circulates from inactive to active. This means tha the hair follicles that have remained in the inactive phase instead go on to the growth phase and start to produce new, healthy hair again.

You can not revive a dead hair follicle, but with Hair Serum 2.5% you can activate the inactive hair follicle again.

If you want a healthier and stronger hair, order Hair Serum 2.5% here and get the product home within 1-3 days!

How to use it:

  • Apply a few drops of the serum where needed and massage gently into the scalp. Do this 1-2 times a day.
  • Finish by combing through the hair and allow to dry itself.
  • Use the product daily for at least two months but preferably four months for best results.