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24 May 2022

NEW IN: Hair Serum 2.5%

24 May 2022
NEW IN: Hair Serum 2.5%

Hair Serum 2.5% is our improved version of our previous hair serum, Hair Renewal Serum.

What we have done in this new hair serum is that we have increased the active ingredients from 0.5% to 2.5%.

This hair serum is intended to stimulate hair growth and reduce hair loss, with a proven effect both in the growing phase and in the inactive phase of the hair follicles. The result is less hair loss and more hair growth in hair follicles that today are dormant = a healthier and more vibrant hair.

Swiss Clinic Hair Serum 2.5%

The hair serum is also excellent to use to increase beard growth or to grow out the eyebrows.

How to use the serum

  • - Apply a few drops of the hair serum once a day where needed, and massage it in
  • - Finish by brushing through and letting it dry
  • - Use the product daily for at least two, but preferably four months, to achieve the best results