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26 May 2021

NEWS! Regenerating Cream

26 May 2021
NEWS! Regenerating Cream

Finally it's here! Swiss Clinic Regenerating Cream is formulated to treat, rebuild and restore the moisture balance in a dry or dehydrated skin as well as it works results-oriented to reduce scars, stretch marks and pigment spots.

Swiss Clinic Regenerating Cream contains the active ingredient PCL, a thin oil that acts as a protective layer on the skin. Regenerating Cream restores the moisture balance in a dehydrated skin, helps to build up the elasticity of the skin and locks in moisture and works effectively on a wide range to give the fantastic feeling of a soft and supple skin. Regenerating Cream works effectively to improve the structure of scars, stretch marks and pigment spots. Also suitable as a cream for the pregnant woman, to avoid the itchy feeling when the stomach grows but also to avoid stretch marks.

An independent clinical study showed the results that a single application of Regenerating Cream led to an improved hydration of Stratum Comeum *.
* The stratum corneum, the outermost layer of the epidermis and protects the body from external attacks such as cold, UV radiation, bacteria and viruses. The rest of the epidermis acts as a barrier. The dermis is the middle layer.

Swiss Clinic Regenerating Cream is a good choice of product to use with your Skin Roller, both Body and Face.


✓ Suitable for both face and body
✓ Prevents and improves the appearance of stretch marks and scars
✓ Allergy-friendly product
✓ Intensive moisturizing for dry and dehydrated skin
✓ Excellent to use with Skin Roller

Produktbild på Regenerating Cream från Swiss Clinic

Regenerating Cream (100 ml) - £59 / 590 kr

Feel free to combine your Regenerating with our Skin Roller + Needle Head 0.5 Body for the best absorbency and effective treatment of stretch marks, scars and pigmentation.

Skin Roller Swiss ClinicNeedle Head 0.5 Body

Skin Roller, £59 / 590 krNeedle Head 0.5 mm Body, £19 / 190 kr.