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24 May 2022

Red Clover Extract in Beauty Products

24 May 2022
Red Clover Extract in Beauty Products

Red clover (Trifolium Pratense) is a wild herb that thrives in Europe, Asia and North America. It is a flowering plant that belongs to the legume family. The flowers are usually pink or red, but can also be white.

Red Clover Extract is extracted by drying the flowers. And once it has become this powerful extract, the ingredient can be used locally for various purposes. Throughout history, Red Clover has been used in herbal medicine to heal wounds. Red Clover has also been used in various cultures as a treatment for asthma, burns, rashes, heart disease, cough and fever. In modern times, Red Clover is often used as a health supplement, mostly for the treatment of menopausal symptoms, but also for local use on hair and skin. Over the years, our skin and hair can become dehydrated - resulting in dull, dry skin and brittle hair - and Red Clover can help against these changes.

Contains Isoflavones

Red Clover Extract is available in a variety of beauty products and health supplements. This is due to its powerful isoflavones that stimulate cell renewal, which promotes healthy skin and hair growth.

Calmes the skin

When it comes to skin care, Red Clover Extract is used in serums and creams to strengthen the skin and improve the skin. Studies have shown that the skin becomes healthier and smoother after regular use of Red Clover Extract.

Strengthens the hair

Red Clover has become a popular ingredient in shampoos and hair treatments, as it strengthens the hair and prevents an irritated scalp. Regular use of Red Clover Extract softens the hair and adds volume and luster to the hair. Research shows that Red Clover Extract can even increase hair growth for those who experience hair loss.

What is the effect of Red Clover Extract?

  • - Counteracts dry & brittle hair
  • - Counteracts an irritated scalp
  • - Moisturizes
  • - Calmes and smoothes the skin

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