Sanne Alexandra X Swiss Clinic

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04 Nov 2019

Sanne Alexandra X Swiss Clinic

04 Nov 2019
Sanne Alexandra X Swiss Clinic

Meet the lovely Swedish influencer, magazineer, tv-personality, mum and designer Sanne Alexandra who we have collaborated with to create a Detox and Glam mask kit. Together we have developed a no-mess, two-step at-home mask treatment that detoxifies and gives you glowing, hydrated skin!

“I love skincare and Swiss Clinic has always been my go-to at-home beauty clinic. It has been a life-long dream of mine to create my own skincare products, so I’m thrilled over this collaboration”

As Sanne Alexandra is all about getting that perfect glow we used this as a starting point in the development process. Sanne Alexandra and our team of Swiss experts sat down to plan every detail for this mask treatment, down to texture, colour, scent, packaging, name and ingredients.


Sanne Alexandra’s tips for using the masks

For enhanced results, massage the excess serum from the sachet onto the skin before applying make-up. She also recommends sleeping with the excess serum to use it as a night mask. You will wake up with beautifully hydrated, glowing skin!

Detoxifying Sheet Mask

Black Bamboo

Glowy Glam Sheet Mask


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