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09 Mar 2021

The TikTok star talks about her skin care routine

09 Mar 2021
The TikTok star talks about her skin care routine

Maria Nilsson goes by the name "Swedish Mommy" on TikTok and today she has 206,000 followers. At TikTok, she creates content that captures everyday situations with a recognition factor. 

Maria is 32 years old and lives with her husband and two children in Stockholm. She works as a WFHM (working-from-home-mom) and SAHM (stay-at-home-mom).

Pictures from her Instagram @swedishmummy


We found you when we scrolled on TikTok and we all thought you were so funny! Do you want to tell us more about when you started TikTok and what your thoughts are behind your videos? Where do you get all your ideas from? 

Thank you for enjoying my TikTok channel! I started TT March 2020, so almost exactly a year ago. Downloaded the app for fun and saw lots of American moms dancing and they seemed to have so much fun. Thought I would never dare do something like that! TT was not so developed then among us "older in the generation" in Sweden, while in countries like the USA "Tiktok-mom" was already a well-used word among people. Why can't we mothers also have fun on social media?! So I started a TikTok account with other mothers as a target group, but then there were not that many Swedish mothers at TT. I became friends with several American and British mothers where TT was big among parents. Has since then made many friends around the world. Look how much an app can give you - Friends for life around the world with TikTok in common!

I get my ideas from my children and my husband. I want to reflect everyday situations, things that happen every day at home. I make content where I capture fun everyday situations with a recognition factor.



If I'm not sleeping then nobody is! ##funny ##tiktokmom ##over30 ##momsoftiktok

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Video from Maria's TikTok.


You have incredibly beautiful skin! Are you interested in skin care?

Thank you so much! I am super interested in skin care. I probably got it from my mother who has a 2 hour skin care routine every morning and night.

What products are included in your skin care routine?

My morning routine needs to go super fast, it consists of washing the face with only water. Then wash off any remaining dirt from yesterday or collected during the night with toner and then wipe over the face with a cotton swab. After that I add day cream. Then I pat my face with my hands to start the blood circulation and wake up!

The evening routine is a little bit longer because it is done when the children are asleep. Then I can relax and have some me-time. I start by removing the makeup with makeup removal on a cotton pad and wash my face with face wash. After that I take a cotton pad again and sweep over to get rid of the last makeup. When the skin is clean, I apply serum in circular motions over my face. Then it's time for eyes. I apply eye serum and sweep my fingers upwards and then I apply eye cream. Last but not least, I apply night cream. Or I apply a face mask immediately after washing my face.


You have been able to try all of our products from Swiss Clinic for a few months now. Which one is your favorite product and why?

Yes and thank you for them! Love them all! But if I have to choose one - the Night Cream! It's wonderful, the best I've ever had! Perfect texture, fragrance and effect.

Read more about Night Cream here.

What is important to you when it comes to skin care?

For me, moisture is the most important function in skin care products. And after that anti-age!

Do you have any skin care hacks / tips you want to share with us?

When I have super dry skin in the winter, I do a Vaseline session. I take a 1 cm thick layer of Vaseline and put it on the skin before I go to bed for the night. Then in the morning - the skin is super soft!

What do you do to relax and recover?

To relax after a day of work, I make a cup of decaffeinated tea, a few carrot sticks with dip and watch a super scary series! To recover, I clean or cook. I love to cook and it gives me relaxation.

Do you have a life motto you live by?

"Always be humble in whatever you do"

Thank you Maria for wanting to share!

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