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28 May 2022

What is Sea Buckthorn Oil?

28 May 2022
What is Sea Buckthorn Oil?

The sea buckthorn berry and all its beneficial properties were discovered hundreds of years ago and back then the berry was used in folk medicine to treat dry skin and dry mucous membranes. Sea Buckthorn is a real super berry - packed with vitamins and minerals, so it's no surprise that the oil recently has become a very popular product in natural skin care.

Sea Buckthorn is the only plant in the world that contains the most of the elusive fatty acid Omega-7. In addition to the rich content of Omega-7, there are also Omega-3, -6 and -9 as well as natural carotenoids (provitamin A) and vitamin E. Sea Buckthorn oil intensively cares for and softens the skin, and gives new energy to dry and tired skin. In the table of contents, the oil is called Hippophae Rhamnoides Seed Oil.

Softens, moisturizes and repairs

One of the biggest benefits of Sea Buckthorn Oil is its ability to soften and moisturize dry and damaged skin. In addition to contributing important moisture, Omega-6 can also strengthen the skin's natural barrier, which among other things protects against free radicals. Of course, it is not only people with dry skin who can take advantage of the oil's many benefits - it suits all skin types and is very good to use for preventive purposes. For example, there are cases where both eczema and acne have been alleviated with the help of Sea Buckthorn Oil.

Since Sea Buckthorn Oil contains very many nutrient-rich substances, it is no wonder that it has been shown to have good effects on eczema, acne and wounds. Apart from softening the skin around the wound, the oil also has repairing and antibacterial properties that prevent new bacteria from entering the wound. Thus, Sea Buckthorn Oil accelerates the healing process.

Gives a beautiful glow

The oil's many vitamins - for example vitamins A and E - have an anti-inflammatory and cell renewal effect, which helps the skin to repair itself from the inside. Sea Buckthorn has an orange-red tone from its rich content of beta-carotene and the warm color gives a fresh and beautiful glow to the skin.

Repairs sun-damaged skin

Research has shown that many of the substances in Sea Buckthorn Oil can protect against dangerous UV radiation. Which means that regular use of the oil can help the skin to protect itself from the sun's dangerous rays. Of course, you should never rule out your usual sunscreen, instead you should combine SPF and Sea Buckthorn Oil for ultimate protection. The oil can also be used on tanned skin and sunburn to soothe and repair sun-damaged skin.

What effect does Sea Buckthorn Oil have on the skin?

  • - Strengthens the skin’s protective barrier
  • - Accelerates wound healing and eczema
  • - Protects against UV rays
  • - Moisturizes dry skin

Tip! Store in a refrigerator.