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01 Jul 2021

How do I get to the very best self-tanning result?

01 Jul 2021
How do I get to the very best self-tanning result?

How do you do to get your self-tanning looking awesome? Help me, what do you have for self-tanning tips? Should I peel, have gloves, rinse off or what? We probably recognize one or more of the questions. In the middle of self-tanning times, here comes our best tips.

1. Scrub

To remove the old skin cells that can destroy so that the result is unevenly, a tip is to always peel your skin. Always scrub carefully so you do not scrub new and fresh skin. Wait a day before using your self-tanning product, do not use immediately after scrubbing.

2. Not right after hair removal

If you wax, shave or epilate then do not treat yourself with self-tanning in direct connection to it. Then the product is fastened in the hair follicles and the result is brown dots and you can irritate the skin, please wait 24 hours.

3. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize

We love to talk about moisturizing, but we promise that the result will be so much better. Dry skin becomes a barrier that prevents the self-tanning product to do its job. A tip is to work moisturizing if not always so at least a few days before you should be using your products.

4. Time for a sauna bath

This can be a little premium. But do you have the chance so take a bath in the sauna, it will open up pores, softens the skin and you can scrub and moisturize immediately. In this way, you can after you have a sauna bathing just take a shower and use self-tanning and get a really good result.

5. Shower - Dry - Moisturize

As easily as one - two - three. You should always be clean, dry and moisturized when applying your self-tanning product.

6. Wash hands or use gloves

Nothing is so annoying as self-tanning spots on the hands. Either you are quick with the hand wash after applying your product or you simply use plastic gloves.

7. Head, shoulders, knees and toe

If you are going to gself-tan the entire body is a tip to start with the shoulders, then continue with arms, lightly around the armpit and then legs upwards to then go to the stomach, sides and last back (there you may need some help). When you are done, dry off elbows, side of your feet, knees, foot bow, between fingers and knuckles with a slightly cloth. It takes some time, but we promise it's worth it!

8. Moisturize more

Moisturizing extra dry spots with a moisturizing cream a little extra after using your self-tanning product, can give a more even result on, for example, the elbows.

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