Results Guarantee

A lack of results does not mean wasted money

The most important thing for us is that you are satisfied with both our products and services. Should your treatment for any reason not give you any results at all, even though you have carefully followed our instructions and recommendations, we will reimburse you. The compensation can be a credit or a delivery of new products. We’ll find the best solution together.

Some notice results* earlier and others a bit later. Patience is required.

Guarantee can be used



earliest after...

and latest after...


Skin Roller

5 weeks

7 weeks

Skincare creams and serums

Eye Cream

4 weeks

6 weeks


Day Cream

4 weeks

6 weeks


Night Cream

4 weeks

6 weeks


Rejuvenating Serum X3

3 weeks

5 weeks


Regenerating Cream

4 weeks

6 weeks

Hair growth

Eyelash Growth Serum

6 weeks

8 weeks


Hydrating Self-Tan Pads

2 days

4 days


Self-Tan Drops

2 days

4 days


Whitening System

5 days

7 days


Teeth Whitening Pen

10 days

15 days

Products not listed in this table aren’t included in the guarantee.

*Result is an improvement of the condition of the treatment area during or after a performance in comparison with the condition before starting the treatment.

If you have followed our instructions and are within the time frame mentioned in the table, but do not notice or see any improvements. Do this:

1. Start by contacting us and tell us more about your experiences, as well as the results you expected to achieve with your treatment.

2. Together we will find a solution that you will be pleased with, whether we send out replacement products free of charge, or that you receive a credit for your next order with us.

Important to know:

The result guarantee can only be used on first-time products. Example: If you received a result with your first purchase of our teeth whitening kit, but not with the subsequent second purchase, the result guarantee is not valid.

The result guarantee is not valid when buying our products from a reseller. The guarantee can only be used if you have completed your purchase on our website.

Cathrin about her experience:

“At the beginning of the year, I ordered several products from Swiss Clinic. A Skin Roller, Day Cream and Eyelash Serum. I was pleasantly surprised by both the roller and the cream, but with the eyelash serum I unfortunately did not have the same fortune. I fought day and night for 2 months, without noticing any difference at all. I also took before and after pictures, which I then sent to the customer support at Swiss Clinic.

Once I emailed the support and told them about my situation and that I had not seen any results, they immediately contacted me with some follow-up questions. After answering these, I received confirmation that the result guarantee could be used and a £59 discount code was sent to me. I then bought a new Day Cream with the code that deducted almost the entire amount, perfectly handled by Swiss Clinic.”

Tips for the best at-home treatment experience:

• Take a picture of the area you want to treat before starting the treatment. It makes it so much easier to compare with before and after pictures to see the real impact.

• Do you often forget to treat certain days? Add a recurring reminder (morning and / or evening) to your mobile calendar. Continuous treatment, i.e. no interruptions, is the key to fast and good results.

• Of course it’s fun to test as many products as possible and all of them at the same time. But, unfortunately this is not effective. Stick to one treatment at a time, before you start with another treatment in the same area.

• Do the treatment together with a friend, colleague, partner or parent. You can talk about your experiences, results and what you have learned. A joy that’s shared is a joy made double.

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